Peter shares some of the pitfalls we can unwittingly face in setting up our small business improperly. And, of course, setting it up with the legal systems of man comes AFTER setting it up with the proper legal covenant agreement with heaven…which is what I help you do! 😉 You know…it’s that whole “seek first the Kingdom” thing. Make sure you go back and catch part 1, if you missed it.

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Peter is a nationally recognized leader in the field of intellectual property (IP), whose unique practice focuses on the many aspects of IP, both domestically and internationally.
He has extensive knowledge of the requirements and procedures for procurement of intellectual property and enforcement of rights and a complete understanding of how such intangible assets affect a corporation and strategies for best capitalizing on such assets globally.

– Introduction to the Small Business Legal Boot Camp.
– Corporate issues and the importance of understanding entity types, corporate agreements, and compliance with laws like the Corporate Transparency Act.
– IP training covering trademark, copyright, patents, trade secrets, and the use of AI, emphasizing legal implications.
– Discussion on different entity types including nonprofit organizations like 501(c)(3).
– Importance of understanding trademark ownership versus Secretary of State registration.
– Spiritual considerations in business formation, including getting your heavenly documentation in place first, and choice of entity name.
– The significance of intercession and spiritual alignment in business operations.
– Pricing and VIP options for the boot camp, emphasizing its affordability and value compared to individual legal consultations.
– Recommendations to consult attorneys for specific legal advice despite the training received.

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