In part 2 of my conversation with Brian, we discuss various aspects of his life and business ventures. He shares about the wellness retreats he does with a mutual friend, Arun Bulchandani, and his new venture inspired by a dream. Kingdom Broker focuses on preserving the legacy of businesses owned by retiring boomers.

Brian spent 21 years ministering to and helping university students get breakthrough in their life and mindsets in order to position them for great purpose in the spheres of society. He has traveled the globe training, inspiring, and developing others to know who they are in Christ and to boldly live out their God-given destiny. He is the CEO of two businesses and has co-founded two nonprofits. Brian is also a certified life coach.

– Brian’s new book, “House of Many Waters,” and what the Anime manga style is.
– Wellness retreats focusing on breathwork, meditation, and movement.
– Brian’s journey into the business, including a dream about getting into Bitcoin, which led to the idea of creating “Kingdom Broker.”
– Brian emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for solving problems and how wisdom aligns with responsibility.
– The discussion touches on Brian’s background in comedy and his recent performance at a conference.
– Brian shares insights into the process of building with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to make a venture viable, sustainable, and profitable.
– The significance of defining roles, expectations, and responsibilities in business and ministry, referencing 1 Samuel 10:25, which highlights the importance of having a written agreement and covenant partnership in business.
– Brian shares a humorous supernatural experience where he communicated with a man from the cloud of witnesses during a church service in rural Ohio.
– Brian recounts another encounter in Utah where he saw Jesus and John Paul Jackson at a table with a glass of wine, symbolizing the wine of John’s life.
– The impact of pursuing interaction with the cloud of witnesses, emphasizing the partnership with the cloud and angelic beings for greater efficiency.
– Insights into the importance of taking responsibility in various roles and relationships.

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