In this spirited podcast segment, I welcome back Elizabeth Gomes for Part 2 of our discussion on using AI for creativity in your Spirit-centered business. We talk about her role in publishing, and the uniqueness of each author’s voice and the importance of celebrating their individuality as she’s editing.

– Passion for bringing out the unique voice of each author, emphasizing the celebration of individuality.
– We discuss the creative aspects of designing book covers, sharing insights into their collaborative process.
– AI for Creativity: insights into using AI for creativity, specifically in creating images related to heavenly realms and imagination.
– Passion for Books: her deep love for books and writing, tracing back to her years as an English teacher. She emphasizes the importance of celebrating each author’s unique voice and bringing out new sounds in the current time.
– Editing Approach: not just focusing on grammatical corrections but also delving into understanding the author’s heart and engaging with their experiences to enhance the content.
– Structural and Developmental Editing: comparing it to the flow of a river. She shares her process of merging, moving, and restructuring elements for a better flow.
– Book Cover Design: emphasizing the importance of incorporating other viewpoints for a comprehensive design.
– Ecclesia of Burning Ones: The group’s name signifies the burning ones, representing individuals burning with the love of the Father. Elizabeth describes the group’s journey, which involves engaging with Scripture and the Hebrew living letters to uncover layers of truth.
– Mystical Meditation: every Sunday through Zoom. Participants engage in Scripture, ascend, pray in tongues, and share their experiences, creating a powerful and transformative spiritual practice.
– Courses and Training: basic courses to help people bridge the gap from traditional church teachings to understanding the kingdom of God and spiritual practices.
– Courses for Aspiring Authors: covering topics like seeing the spirit, learning to send, and understanding the seven spirits.
– Bridge from Church Age: Acknowledging the gap in teachings from the traditional church age, and the role of the ecclesia in being forerunners and waking people up to a deeper understanding of spiritual concepts.

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