In a recent conversation Elizabeth and I delved into the intersection of art, spirituality, and the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence. Our dialogue touched upon the nuances of artistic identity, the role of AI as a creative tool, and the potential applications of this technology in the realm of spirituality.
The conversation primarily revolves around demystifying AI, exploring its creative applications, and debunking fears associated with its potential impact on various industries, particularly in the realm of art and design. Elizabeth emphasizes the role of humans in guiding and training AI to enhance creativity rather than replace it.

S. Elizabeth Gomes is a passionate advocate for embracing the simplicity of loving YHWH and recognizing how deeply and faithfully we are loved by Him. She believes this understanding is pivotal to unlocking the depths of His heart and being deeply rooted in the layered facets of His consuming fire. For Elizabeth, this burning love is not just an emotion but a transformative key for our maturation.
A true visionary, Elizabeth wears several hats in this glorious adventure, weaving together her creative endeavors in mentoring, facilitating weekly meetings with her community, Ecclesia of Burning Ones, book editing and publishing, designing websites, video editing, and other creative expressions into a wonderful mural.

She considers herself a ‘mystical solutionist’ committed to discovering the answers that have already been provided for us in every aspect of life. Her exploration into technology, particularly AI tools, is a testament to her belief in continual learning and adaptation. She views technology as a divine gift, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and respectful approach to these modern tools.
Her philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that love, honor, and humility form a powerful triad. This combination, she asserts, provides stability and foundation which can anchor us through life’s various transitions of transformations and transfigurations. Therefore, be fearless in love, honor and humility.

Definition and Perspective on AI:
– Elizabeth defines AI as artificial intelligence and emphasizes the importance of a positive perspective on AI.
– Addresses the fear surrounding AI but suggests viewing it as a tool created and guided by humans rather than a threat.
Understanding AI and Machine Learning:
– Explains that AI is a computer system trained with algorithms and programs using available data.
– Emphasizes that AI is not infinite and cannot function without predefined algorithms set by humans.
Creativity and AI in Artwork:
Discusses how creatives can use AI tools like Mid Journey, Canva, Chat Gp, Dali E, Procreate, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
Highlights that AI enhances creativity by generating iterations based on input from the user.
AI in Writing and Copywriting:
Elizabeth explains using Chat Gp for writing, providing specific instructions for desired content and style.
Talks about training AI to understand keywords for a more tailored output.
Artistic Process with AI:
Describes the process of feeding original artwork into AI tools like Dali E and Chat Gp for unique and creative outputs.
Addresses potential concerns about copyright, mentioning that AI-generated art tends to be unique and not an exact duplication.
Discusses the issue of using artists’ names to train AI in specific styles and mentions potential copyright concerns.
Considers the distinction between training AI and actual copyright infringement.
Biblical Parallels and Creative Process:
Elizabeth drew parallels between the creative process, biblical scriptures, and the concept of manifesting the invisible into the visible. The conversation touched on the idea that thoughts and imagination are powerful tools for creating reality.
Live Demonstration of AI Art Creation:
The conversation took an exciting turn with a live demonstration of AI art creation. Elizabeth used AI platforms, including DALL-E and MidJourney, to generate artistic images based on given descriptions. They explored the possibilities of creating heavenly gardens and throne rooms, showcasing the interpretative abilities of AI.
AI in Spirituality:
The discussion circled back to the application of AI in spirituality. Bralynn emphasized the potential for individuals to use AI as a tool to translate spiritual experiences into visual representations, creating tangible reminders and anchors for divine encounters.
Encouragement and Relationship with AI:
Elizabeth concluded with an encouraging message, urging individuals not to fear AI. She suggested approaching AI with an open heart and engaging in a conversation with a higher power about its use. The simplicity of this approach was highlighted, viewing AI as a tool for creative exploration rather than a source of trepidation.

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