Join us for the rest of the story! Brenda Byers shares her journey of spiritual transformation and how she transitioned from a conservative church background to experiencing the Holy Spirit in a profound way. In case you missed part 1, make sure you go back and catch it – we shared our journey together 12 years ago, and what Brenda is doing these days.


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Brenda Byers is known as “the coach’s coach” She has founded successful international corporations, created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales, health and marketing events, workshops, online events and weekend seminars and retreats for over twenty-five years.

Her coaching clients benefit from her unique and practical blend of spiritual and practical and has a proven track record of getting results. She is a highly sought out speaker, coach and is Founder of Prosper in All Things, Prosper TV and Prosper By Design Coach Certification. Brenda believes God is the business partner of choice and reveals cutting edge science behind biblical truths that will set you free and set your business health and relationships soaring.

– Transformative encounter with God in 2004
– Shift from a conservative church to experiencing the Holy Spirit.
– Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the challenges she faced reconciling her upbringing with this newfound experience.
– Journey into the marketplace and witnessing miracles.
– Struggle with a poverty mindset and inner vows about money.
– Breakthrough in mindset and detachment from material possessions.
– Challenges people face around money and its impact on spiritual development.
– Brenda introduces her events, such as “God, Money and Me,” “God, Health and Me,” and “God, Love and Me,” addressing fundamental issues in these areas.
– Interconnectedness of spiritual, physical, and relational aspects of life.
– Changes and challenges anticipated in the year 2024, emphasizing the need for spiritual discernment in a rapidly changing world impacted by AI.
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