I am so blessed and honored to have Brenda Byers on the show! She was one of my first clients in 2012…the one who prompted me to design my signature process, “Planning to Profit”. We launched her business, “Prosper in All Things” and she’s still running most of the events and other things we created way back then! Woo-hoo! Talk about an amazing client testimony. I’m just so pleased to introduce her to you!!

She’s launching a new challenge, a series called “OFFERS THAT PROSPER: CONVERTING PROSPECTS INTO PAYING CLIENTS – NOW!”
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Dec 11-15, 2023

Brenda Byers is known as “the coach’s coach” She has founded successful international corporations, created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales, health and marketing events, workshops, online events and weekend seminars and retreats for over twenty-five years.

Her coaching clients benefit from her unique and practical blend of spiritual and practical and has a proven track record of getting results. She is a highly sought out speaker, coach and is Founder of Prosper in All Things, Prosper TV and Prosper By Design Coach Certification. Brenda believes God is the business partner of choice and reveals cutting edge science behind biblical truths that will set you free and set your business health and relationships soaring.

– Building Prosper in All Things 12 years ago
– 3 John 2 scripture has everything
– Success loves speed
– Having an “Above All” perspective
– Massive changes in the business landscape
– Online and AI emergence
– Knowing the times and seasons
– Need to Elevate everything in life & business
– Identity is always challenged
– 5-Day challenge is FREE, VIP recordings $47
– Brenda still has Bralynn’s coaching vision on her wall!
– We’ve been given everything we need for life and godliness
– You get to choose to make this your greatest season

– Brenda’s FREE “Offers that Prosper” 5-day challenge: https://elevate.brendabyers.com
– More from Brenda: http://BrendaByers.com

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