We continue the conversation and Tech Geek Gil comes out! We go into using AI tools and the help he can give you to sort through them, set them up and train you how to use them.

– The AI wild west can be overwhelming
– Here today and gone tomorrow tools
– Which tools do you need for your business?
– Being in business to make money
– Planning to Profit – Bralynn’s first book
– Coaching, implementation and training
– Time saving tools
– Market research
– Ad creation from websites
– Stability.ai predicts phone-based ai
– Creating a personal database
– Creating their Declaration of Trade, partnership agreement with Heaven
– Using AI to write website copy
– Gil’s new AI Innovators podcast on Youtube
– Fear is weakness, caution is wisdom
– EMF frequencies in our bodies and on earth
– Dystopia before utopia, possibly God’s plan?
– AI a billion times smarter than us?
– Tech hidden from the public
– Acceleration of technology advances
– When AI meets quantum computers…game over?
– How big is your God?

– Gil’s AI Coaching: https://www.aiinnovators.ai/
– Gil’s AI podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@AIInnovatorsPodcast/videos
– Kingdom Talk Shows, Community, Sunday Gatherings and More: https://www.kingdomequippingcenter.com/

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