DRUM roll please…! I *finally* got Gil Hodges on the show! Gil (and his wife Adena) and I walked the same spiritual awakening journey in California starting in 2014-ish. So it was really fun to catch up and see what’s new in the Kingdom Talks and Kingdom Equipping Center world.

Gil Hodges is a lifelong entrepreneur who has built over a dozen companies in a myriad of industries. He is passionate about educating and empowering the world to embrace the possibilities AI has to positively redefine life as we know it.

From Gil’s beginnings as a former pastor in conservative Christian Church to today, God has led us to break out of boxes of religious conformity into greater levels of freedom. For the past 5 years, Gil and his wife Adena have been engaging in “Next Age” Christianity – exploring the heavenly realms, learning how to flow as an ekklesia, exploring restoration and so much more!

Gil’s new book, Choice: The Most Powerful Thing in the Universe… Next to God is available on Amazon.

– Don’t lose your voice in the move to AI
– New book: Choice – his legacy
– Fear-based mentality is opposite of God
– AI can’t do anything without being prompted
– God relentlessly pursues us
– We have a responsibility to show the world how to love
– Our choice has influence
– Pulling back to focus on Father’s plan
– Getting out of the church box
– No regrets, just opportunities to love well

AI Tools:
– Perplexity.ai search engine
– Descript.ai video editor
– Chat.gpt Generative Pre-trained Transformer

– Gil’s AI Coaching: https://www.aiinnovators.ai/
– Kingdom Talk Shows, Community, Sunday Gatherings and More: https://www.kingdomequippingcenter.com/

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