Darby and I continue to sharpen iron and get deeper into the meat and mystery of Father’s Kingdom. Join us!

Darby Slaton is a creatively charged speaker! He’s a storyteller who loves to laugh, and a visual communicator who uses art to bring his message to life. He’s a prophetic trainer on a mission to build healthy prophetic companies to influence the world. He established the Convergence School of Prophets in 2023.

He’s coached many successful marketplace leaders in the leadership skills of brave communication, conflict resolution, and finding your sweet spot for living out your mission.

– Personal development uses biblical principles
– Tony Robbins V. Lance Wallnau
– Ministry of reconciliation
– Miracles in coaching
– Only 1-3% actually want to DO something
– We’re not meant to lose
– Sacred and secular restored
– Unlocking what’s already on the inside
– Faith for the prophetic words in your life
– No “nobodies” in the world
– Neuroscience – Dr. Caroline Leaf
– Ruled by thoughts and emotions
– Don’t try catching the snowglobe flakes, wait ‘til they settle
– Pickling your brain
– Train your puppy brain
– Convergence school
– Don’t wait on the sidelines, be a part of the solution.

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