When God needs a connection made, He figures out how to get it done! Darby and I are cut from the same cloth and “randomly” met each other on a podcast directory. It was such a fun blessing to meet him and we had a conversation that lasted for 3 episodes! Enjoy part one.

Darby Slaton is a speaker, teacher and coach, and is raising prophetic transformational leaders through the power of the prophetic, mind renewal, and for world-changing impact. He has spoken in churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses for over ten years. His topics range from the finished work of the cross to hearing the voice of God, to finding your purpose, and rewriting your story. Darby has coached many successful marketplace leaders in leadership skills including: brave communication, conflict resolution, and finding your sweet spot of living out of your mission. He established the Convergence School of The Prophets in 2023.

Darby is also an artist whose passion for art can be seen online with his “Darby’s Doodles.” In addition, he does art commissions and sells prints of his work. You can check out his work at the link below.

– Gaga for Jesus
– Walking away from Jesus
– Kingdom realm, Courts of Heaven & Sonship
– Miracles, signs and wonders even when angry at God
– Experiencing Jesus outside the church
– Handwriting interpretation by faith
– Teaching hair cutting and seeing miracles
– Graham Cooke training – power and authority without religion
– Grandmother was a witch! (A prophet with no outlet in the church)
– Experienced demonic entities
– Giving destiny words to New Agers
– Having real conversations, not the cleaned up version
– Spiritual laws work, no matter your belief system
– Phenomenology: experiencing the mystic
– Maturing into the meat of God’s word

Bill Johnson Quotes:
“I have to believe more in God’s ability to keep me than the devil’s ability to steal me away.”
“We have more faith in the devil’s ability to deceive us than God’s ability to protect us.”

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