In this part two, Mark dives into the system he uses to help people heal, so, if you missed pt. 1, definitely go grab it to get his story.

BIO RECAP: Mark Scherer took a 30 year journey of truth in which he studied Consciousness, Language, Spiritual Law and Quantum Physics from many renowned educators. He continued to work in other fields for many years while desiring to one day establish a career in personal transformation. Now he leads a team that has committed their lives to empowering others, and continues to develop their own Quantum Leap Technique™ (QLT).


– The source of all pain and suffering is eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil/ right and wrong.
– Pineal gland is the gateway and produces the chemicals for imagination and enthusiasm.
– Pituitary gland is the gateway to intention
– Find the gold nugget in the pain
– You have to be in the frequency of Holy Spirit in order to hear him
– Get a PHD in your patterns: What does it cost you? What has the payoff been with it?
– 4 Things hold a Pattern in place: Shame, blame, guilt and hate.
– Don’t try to shift the pattern – get rid of the glue that holds it in place!
– Choosing, rather than deciding

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