Jess and I continue the conversation on how he trusted the Lord with his next step in business…installing Christmas lights!

And…a correction/clarification on Christmas trees: About 600-700 fit on each 53” semi trailer.  We filled several, equalling the “thousands” I mentioned.  😉  And – no, I haven’t planted 100,000 personally – I’ve planted thousands, and we (Newby’s Evergreen Farms) have planted over 100,000!|


– Immersing in scripture helped create an eternal perspective and see himself as God sees him.
– Retrain your mind and strike down the enemy by posting the scriptures everywhere so they become your dominant thoughts.
– “Tent-making” can provide the funds and confidence to pursue your true passions.
– Things start to soar when we trust others to take care of the “off-purpose” or “off-strength” areas of your business.  Letting go of total control allows you to work ON the business rather than IN it, which is a CEO
mindset, rather than an employee mindset.
– Sharing your story in the seemingly small encounters in your life and business can create the transformation you’re called to create.  Don’t wait until signs and wonders follow you – do it now!
– It’s a spiritual principle that you become what you’re focusing on, so be intentional about what you set before your eyes and ears.
– God does his best work with us when we surrender our agenda and plan for the day to him.  Making a plan is just your ticket to play.  Setting it aside afterward brings the glory!


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