Rhonda and I continue the conversation about the abuse and lack of love in her childhood. She overcame the inner vows and woundings of her heart to be a powerful advocate. She went from misery to so much joy and laughter that her jaw hurts at night! 😉 When people look at her and see she’s still standing after everything she’s been through, they think there’s hope for them too.



  • The antidote for depression, despair, suicidal ideation, substance abuse disorder, and PTSD is real, authentic genuine love in our lives.
  • Life circumstances that diminish love in our lives wound us deeply because they hit our soul, our worth.
  • Staying “safe” in the smallness: Don’t take up too much space, don’t breathe too much air, don’t eat too much, keep your head down – all LIES of the enemy!
  • Bad relationships harm us and good, healthy relationships heal us.
  • The “innocence” of how kids get trafficked.
  • Our young people are our best hope for the future.
  • Happiness is not about chasing stuff!
  • Whatever path you’ve walked, you’re now qualified to help the people coming from where you used to be.
  • Own whatever hard thing you’ve been through so you can help others.  Don’t bury it.  Don’t live under the victim label.
  • When we can get to the point where we can thank the people who have hurt us, we’ve taken our power back.


More on Rhonda can be found at www.rhonda.org.
Her book: 30 Days To Love available now!
– If you’ve survived hard things, this is for you Successful Survivors Foundation
– If you want to change the world, start here Love Is Action Community Initiative

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