My dear friend Malvina and I continue the conversation in Part 2. We discuss why the new Kingdom age MUST be different from the old church age. They are two parallel tracks with vastly different trains on them. We’re not saying the church age is bad – in fact many amazing people are called to finish it well. Just not us.

What we need to do is build better bridges for people to cross over. I speak for myself…I haven’t done a great job of this. But I can do better!
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Swinging on the wrong pendulum can get you out of Father’s Kingdom and into things better left alone. Know the difference. Keep Jesus and the Fear of the Lord (reverential awe) at the core of everything you do. If it does not exalt Jesus is not worth pursuing.
Woundedness contaminates encounter experiences with Jesus. Be aware of your own and others’. Ask the Lord if there are filters that need to be removed around interpretation of what you hear or see.
Find common language to help church agers cross the bridge into the Kingdom age. Remember what it was like when you were first waking up to deeper revelation.

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