Mark and Kate are the owners and lead trainers with NEOS Capital Development Group, and partnering businesses. The central focus of NEOS’ education is to help increase people’s returns on their investments as they pertain to the stock market. Mark empowers people by taking them from a baseline knowledge level to being able to trade successfully in the market on their own. 

Kate has a branch teaching program called Beyond Financials, where she addresses the often elusive connection between spiritual and physical economic principles (with a core foundation in the Kingdom of Yahweh). Where Mark concentrates mostly on hands-on application in the earth, Kate addresses economic concepts and applications in the ethereal realms.

Mark and Kate currently reside in Lindale, TX and are parents to 5 beautiful children, Alexander, Maverick, Blaze, Phoenix, and Glory; and 2 dog children, Sassy and Spencer.

“Our passions are each other, our children, our business & students, and excavating hidden mysteries specifically economic in nature. To say we love the Lord would be much too understated, He is the very breath that we breathe and the place in which we rest.”

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Stock trading education
Drawn into the mystical (thought it was heretical)
Plumb line of experience
Experiences in the New (Kingdom) Age, while still seated in the old  (Church) age
“Eating the scroll” of teaching – being saturated with it
Dealing with our personal junk
Seed…Time…and Harvest cycle
Neos Capital Development Group
NEOS => New in time, fresh start, Greek for life: Kainos
Stay within your pay grade – enjoy it, operate in it
Maturity, honor, spiritual pillars of support
Marios Ellinas, Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham
Sam Mahoney, Graham Cooke, Kris Valloton
Inserting spiritual principles in the stock market
Spiritual side of the stock market
How vision gets castrated
No more trading time for dollars
What the Kingdom needs to do requires a lot of money
Money mindset – programmed for poverty
Sex, money, government covenants in the earth
Take initiative and responsibility
Wisdom cries out in the marketplace
Holy Spirit wants to help us
How to get a bigger financial return in the stock market
How to engage the stock market with confidence
Manage emotions in the midst of financial movement
Economic gateways
Beyond Financials => spiritual side
We each carry a key another will never carry
Working out the vision, birthing it

“Transformation comes from Implementation.” ~ Bralynn Newby
“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Uncle Ben in Spider Man
“Honor has a voice, and it’s always recognized.”
“If you don’t value your products and services, no one else will.”
“The problem with success is it makes you think you’re right.” ~ Bill Gates

1) Allow your maturity to catch up to your revelation before you try to operate in it.
2) Never make trades or financial decisions out of fear.  Must do it out of confidence.
3) Risk is a part of everything. Think, “What if I succeed?” 

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Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, is a Kingdom warrior called to release and activate voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion.  She helps visionary influencers package their brilliance by:
1)  Designing your Platform of Influence
2)  Building sales funnels to Monetize your Message
3)  Activating the right systems and structure to transform more lives and make more money.

Bralynn is the creator and host of Spirit-Centered Business™, author of Planning to Profit; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love, and co-host of Kingdom Talks.

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