Stella broke free from a poverty mindset, came off welfare, and learned to believe God really wants us to prosper. She is now an Eternal Life Coach, entrepreneur, investor, business woman, and a Chayil woman of God.

– Stepping into generational blessings
– My story opens doors
– Chayil Circle
– Relationships are portals
– The scriptures are layered in understanding
– Jehovah Chayil according to the translation
– We are led into battles to win and recover spoils
– A fresh description of the Proverbs 31 woman
– Shifting through the ages to become Sons, Kings, and Priests
– Ruling and reigning from the throne down
– The elements within Chayil that we teach
– Chayl’s new launch in September
– Step into your own story
– Your story is based on your history

1) My story opens doors. Everytime I share the testimony of my story it becomes an open womb for someone else to be birthed into victory through my testimony.
2) Chayil Circle is an online group started on Facebook where I teach classes. One class I taught is “She Lives by the River.” It comes from the scripture, she shall be planted by the rivers of living water and the leaves will not wither. When we look at our life we can see we are tributaries. Water and knowledge flows into us. The word of God is personified as water; it is the washing of the water of the word that is living and alive. The water which is the word flows from Jesus and just like our relationships.
3) Relationships are important to us. We can connect to people, and what they know will flow into our lives and enable us to do what they do. That portal of relationship pours into our lives and gives us the same thing that they are flowing in.
4) Jehovah Chayil is translated 230 times in scripture. Most of the time it falls in three categories. It is described as warrior, warfare, God the host of the armies, valiant warrior, etc. Then the next layer will grow from warrior to wealth and resource. Look at Proverbs 22: the wealth of the sinner is being laid up for the just. As we look in Proverbs 32, who can find a virtuous woman? The words virtuous and wealth are the same word as the wealth that is found in Deuteronomy 8:18. It is the Lord who gives us the power “Koach” to get wealth “Chayil.” Virtuous wealth. These examples of wealth in Proverbs 22 all have the same meaning.
5) God leads you into the battles to win. He fights for you, helps you win, and helps you to recover the spoils. The spoils that you recover in battle are the wealth to build an economy so you can establish His kingdom on the earth and create a legacy of wealth in your family. This happens every time Israel goes to battle.
6) Chayil is translated with 25% connotations of words like wisdom, insight, strategy, and creative mind. If you take these words and use them as the meanings of chayil, it would read something like this, “Who can find a woman of courage, warfare, and valor who has the capacity to access wealth and resource using wisdom with strategy to establish the kingdom of God in the earth?”
7) Chayil has these elements within it that we teach: warrior, wealth, wisdom, wellness, the bride of Christ, and more. We have warfare strategies where we learn to be strategic in our thinking as it relates to all the dimensions of what Chayil means, some examples are: wellness and health, both spiritual food, physical food, health care food, and mental health food. We have a section on current events and the prophetic.
8) Chayil’s new launch in September will have three levels. “Connect” is where we educate on what it means to be Chayil. We will have classes and courses. There will be team groups with similar goals. I will also have “Connect to Stella” which has coaching with different levels.

– I knew I wanted to have passive income for me and my generations.
– Your house should feed you.
– Missing resources is missing relationships.
– God is the God of victory.
– When God sends you into a battle he expects you to win.
– There will be spoils in every battle.
– Equipped to function as Sons, Kings, and Priests in the new kingdom age.
– The bride of Christ is stepping into a leadership role with the head she is married to.
– We grow together so we can rise together.
– A new version of Chayil is launching on the first of September.
– God wants to cultivate a history with all of us because he is relational.
– God’s looking for that faith in action, producing results, in you.

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