Brian is an author, minister, and spiritual advisor. He is passionate about empowering others to live an ascended life in Christ, become aware of the limitless Kingdom, and encounter Father’s love. Brian has been a forerunner in ministry for the past 23 years, dedicating his life to reaching students on secular universities. His out of the box thinking, humor, love for people, and strategic and prophetic insight has brought him across the U.S. and world to connect with churches, ministries, business leaders, and more. Brian’s style of speaking and consulting, including his unique perspective of Kingdom realities have kept his calendar full. He is the co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdomstrate, co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdom Reformers, and the co-founder and CEO of Triscend LLC. Brian lives in San Diego with his wife Cecilee and his daughter Eowyn and son Liam. He is the author of the following books: Jumpstart, Little Beans and a Big God, The Ascended Life Volume I, The Ascended Life: Volume II and Remember When.


– Brian’s story down his timeline
– Turning the mystical to the practical
– Bringing the spiritual into the ministry
– Breaking agreement with incorrect words
– His wild introduction to Salt Lake City
– Learning when to operate in your giftings
– Taking a Sabbath
– Coming out of an orphan mindset
– Engaging in our identity
– Learning to process the practical
– God supernaturally aligns people for specific engagements
– Networking using words to open up conversation with people
– Testimony time
– Dealing with fear and abandonment
– God ideas can turn into a retreat

1) It was in shaping the value of the intellectual and the mystical and seeing the fusion of those two come together that I realized we don’t have to choose one or the other, whether to think or to believe, we can do both at the same time. This began to build the framework for my courses and opened doors for my schools around these subject matters for people that had a biblical framework for the bizarre, the beautiful, the weird and the wonderful.
2) My vivid imagination was interpreted in junior high that I had learning disabilities. Authority figures said I would never go to college and I would never have any long term relationships. God spoke to me and asked, “Who told you that you had learning disabilities? Those negative words were incorrect, and they are not true.” I was able to break agreement with them and then plug back into the matrix.
3) My introduction to Salt Lake City was when I had a principality spirit come and sit on me that said, “leave or I’ll kill you!” It was a training ground for me. The training ground was for me to learn to live in a space and not be overwhelmed and to not be a slave to my gifts. Just because the gifts are turned on doesn’t mean I always have to be doing something or praying for something or someone.
4) During the Sabbath season I had to come out of an orphan mindset and function as a Son and as a King. My identity became very important so I could be propelled into something else. Sonship propelled us into partnership and for me to take responsibility for things in different areas.
5) I was successful in networking by using language as a bridge for conversation. I used words like, “we do intuitive consulting,” and “we just know something like divine intelligence,” or “it’s something just beyond.” This opened up doors for some fun conversations.
6) Addressing an issue that’s your frame of reference and breaking agreement with it brings breakthrough for success and multiplication, so you can then steward success that you have always been created for. Don’t let your agreements prohibit you any longer.
7) Out of a relationship with a few people, it birthed a mystical school to help people. It became easy once we were walking in a relationship with each other.
8) Our retreat business will have things like cold therapy, guided meditation, breathwork, and other things that would bring the Kingdom into the alternate therapy space, because there’s not a lot of kingdom in that space. It’s a Christ-centered framework, and we believe that it will open soon!

– I was passionate in my heart to help people even as a child.
– I wanted to help people that wanted to understand the mystical.
– I early on experienced future events that actually happened.
– Salt Lake City is a super intense and spiritually wild environment.
– We help people process things by practical solutions and business plans.
– God’s not vague but he is very clear.
– Don’t be a slave to your giftings.
– We market what we do to Christians but also we’re open to anyone.
– The retreat allows us to bring the kingdom into a space for spiritual therapy. 


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