Would you want to be FORCED to change your business name, all of your products, all of your marketing and packaging?
Would you want your million dollar idea DONATED to the public because you didn’t file paperwork on time?

No, no and HECK NO!

That would not be good stewardship of the Heaven-sent idea God entrusted to you. 

Heaven entrusted you with an idea.  It’s YOUR job to protect it.
Join part 2 of the conversation with patent attorney Peter Nieves about intellectual property protection.  Trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, patents and ultimately revealing God’s glory through your divine ideas

– Fear stops our flow
– Your name is made great
– Allowing God to build with you
– Transforming your industry
– Unfair competition
– Protecting what’s given to us
– Patents and copyrights
– Protect your Idea Challenge
– Ideas are invitations
– Ideas are not always only for you

1) Fear keeps us from moving forward in our faith within our businesses. Fear makes us feel limited. It maintains your comfort level. It obstructs you from moving in power, glory, and majesty. It keeps you from stepping into your kingdom assignments and from transforming the First Heaven so everything around you can experience the presence and the aroma of the Lord.
2) Genesis 12:2 “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing”. Our name is made great so that we represent God in the kingdom. People will be drawn to us and will be drawn to God because they encounter the Lord through us.
3) Our name being made great in our industry gives us the opportunity and platform to declare that God is great, He is Lord, and that He is transforming our lives. The industries that we are in are because of Him. He can do the same transformation in your life and industry. This is how industries get transformed, by us becoming who we were meant to be.
4) If you want to build anything by yourself you will have to maintain it by yourself. If you allow God to build it with you then God will maintain it with you. What He supports and builds with you will be difficult to break down.
5) We are from God and we have protection. We have the armor of God, Angels, Jesus blood, Holy Spirit, His name, and many others beings to protect us. We can ask God how we can protect His ideas that he has given to us.
6) Peter is hosting a Protect Your Idea 5-day challenge July 11-15th 2022. For a small fee you can learn principles so you will be prepared when you work with your attorney and won’t make mistakes that could cost you thousands. You can upgrade to VIP and get even more time with Peter to have your specific questions answered. It’s one hour a day and replays will be in the Facebook group so you can go back and watch the class if you missed it. 

Go to SpiritCenteredBusiness.com/protect to get into this challenge.

7) When you get your Heaven-sent idea don’t forget to go back through the door/portal and continue that conversation. God’s revelation continues on and builds. The ideas can be for you or it can be for you to give to someone else, so you need to ask the questions and communicate with God.

– Wherever you are planted you’re positioned to make an impact on the Kingdom of God.
– God is love, as water is wet.
– The enemy doesn’t want us to flow.
– All God wants is for us to be willing vessels.
– Keep pride out of our excitement so our heart is in the right place.
– Conviction makes you aware of what you are.
– Your convictions need to line up with who you are.
– Desire causes you to want to change out of thankfulness.


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