– Walking in holiness
– Be intentional
– Creating your space
– Pat’s brilliance
– Nutritional health
– Engaging in Wisdom’s teachings
– Aligning with your correct color
– Remembering we are limitless
– Meeting God in the small places 

1) “Be holy as he is holy” is saying come I have made space for you Son. Will you also make space for me? Father is so relational that we can just step into him in his space as he is also invited to step into us, in our space. Making space for others creates a holiness on the earth.
2) We have three parts of our mind, subconscious, conscious, and unconscious. Our unconscious mind is in our gut. When we are eating unconsciously we are feeding an issue that is in our unconscious mind. That’s when we need to have a fast. There’s nothing like a fast to bring out an issue going on in your body or soul.
3) Proverbs 8 says that lady Wisdom stands there and calls for you. I can see the beautiful wilderness and it’s up to me to engage her and to call forth and fill that wilderness that’s being revealed. This vast wilderness is in my kingdom mountain.  Lady Wisdom is there to serve us and we can receive her wisdom.
4) We are light beings. Energy surrounds us in different colors. We need to be in alignment with the color of energy that we are designed to be carrying. This makes us whole in the beauty of who we are created to be.
5) The more we clean up our lives from chemicals the more open our gateways will be. We will have more clarity about our created purpose. We then move to a higher frequency where clarity thrives.
6) Our body has many gateways. We have eye, ear, touch, smell, and taste gateways. Clearing up the gateways gives us more clarity so  we make space for the kingdom realm. A few examples are, we can smell the scent of the Father and taste and see that he is good.
7) Every part of the body speaks in its own way. We speak heart to heart with the Father. Remember silence has many words.

– Be intentional in your space.
– Out of my maturity we can bring other Sons to the place of their maturity.
– Gray hair is a crown of wisdom
– There is freedom in cleaning up the chemicals in your body.
– We have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as we speak!
– Find God, even in the small places.

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