John Tussey is an award-winning recording artist – pianist / synthesist, composer, arranger, private music instructor, music publisher and public speaker and has been involved with music ministry for many years. John’s artistry combined with a variety of playing styles exudes a magnetic charisma that has gained him much favor wherever he plays. John’s music has been heard on TV and radio in Hawaii, Europe, The Philippines, Australia, the Middle East and several Internet radio stations.  He has done TV and radio interviews in Hawaii, the East Coast and the Philippines.

John was mentored by David Van Koevering in 2009 to record music embedded with the Periodic Table of Elements frequencies. People have reported various degrees of feeling the elements and healing while listening. He also records with both 432Hz  and 444Hz tunings as well as the solfeggio frequencies.

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– Spiritual principles need to get inside you and be incorporated to be lived out
– Having the fruit of kindness and patience
– Being Christ in the marketplace
– Stand out by providing an excellent product and excellent customer service
– Connecting to heaven’s portal for downloads
– Advancing God’s kingdom on earth
– Difference between intellectual and creative genius
– Impact of music in the womb
– Your innate creative genius
– Dr. Caroline Leaf – IQ is not permanent
– Reading raises IQ
– Experiencing the creative genius of God
– Carolyn Blish 92-yr old watercolor artist

“An encouraging word can change the trajectory of a person’s life.”
“You have a unique capacity to release the creativity of God on the earth that no one else has.”

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