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For over 40 years, Maryann Ehmann, Abundance Master, Dream Activator, Income Strategist and founder of Magnificent Love Coaching, has successfully worked with teens to seniors, the humble poor to the fabulously wealthy, as well as the frustrated unemployed to the exhausted high achieving professional, teaching and coaching them all to achieve that which they never had before.

Her diverse experiences as a lawyer, financial adviser, and ministry leader give her a unique background to help solve a wide variety of issues. Even so, Maryann’s sweet spot is supporting the spiritually inclined entrepreneur who may be stuck or plateaued but will stop at nothing in furthering their deepest desires and wildest dreams.

– What to do when Money triggers you
– When business or ministry seem to be mutually exclusive
– Growing up Catholic
– Full-blown atheist
– Loneliness – a smart woman in a powerful position
– Seeing God as Love
– Transformative power of love
– God’s glory radiates on us
– Courage to leave
– Hitting rock bottom
– Bible studies at work
– Stay at home mom
– Feeling irrelevant
– LIE: Nobody will pay me for what I do.”
– Not being able to say anything that’s not backed up by scripture
– Having visions
– Believing the imagination was from the devil
– Invasion of Love
– “Shameful to Special”
– “Have I Ever Told You You’re My Favorite?” book
– Confidence because of favor
– Giving your services away
– Seeing yourself as God sees you
– Luke 10:7 – Laborer is worth his hire
– “Destined to Prosper”
– Repairers of the breach Jewish mindset
– Having a confused money mindset
– Identify limiting beliefs
– Poop in a pretty box
– The blessing (word) of the Lord makes a man rich and he adds no sorrow (toil) to it.
– Receiving abundance
– Get back to love
– Showing up and being you
– Abundance is everywhere
– Trust & Risk


“Fear slimes the shine.”
“Walls are stepping stones.”
“No one can pay us what we are worth; it is inestimable, immeasurable.”
“Love is the oxygen of business.”
“You can learn a lot of Bible verses, but If you don’t understand the programming you’ve had around money, you won’t appropriate that knowledge accurately.”
“The key to unlocking abundance is LOVE!”

You have to be able to articulate: This is the desire I help you fulfill, or this is the problem I solve for you.  Then find people for whom this desire or this solution is high value.

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