Encounter Jesus to deepen intimacy, remove barriers to reveal your true identity, and build inner structures to carry out the destiny God designed for you.

A Unique Spiritual Gym

12 Weeks of Transforming Your Inner World

to Quantum Leap Your Spiritual Growth

  • Lock into Alignment with your Identity
  • Engage with your Destiny scroll
  • Allow false Structures to be removed
  • Build sturdy Structures in Truth
  • Expand the Capacity of your heart
  • Activate your Spiritual Senses
  • Accelerate your Expansion

Why Commit to this Bootcamp?


Because it’s time for Kingdom believers to get serious about what’s going on in the world, and what God is calling you to do about it.

It’s time for the Kings to Rise up, Rule and Reign to Impact Culture and bring Heaven to Earth.

Marion shares her experience after participating in the Quantum Capacity Challenge twice.

Do you feel something is missing in your life, but can’t put your finger on it?  The spiritual battle is real, and you are meant to be VICTORIOUS in it! Living out your destiny as an overcomer is an inside job.

This 12-week bootcamp will help you demolish lies and false mindsets as you build true solid structures in your inner world with the One who created you. Once you have an encounter with Truth, you will never be the same!

You will have clarity, certainty, focus, and unwavering faith in your ability to co-create your destiny with God.

This bootcamp includes weekly activations, assignments, accountability, training from various experts, coaching, Q&A and more!

Reagan shares her experience with the QC challenge.

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We’re having amazing encounters and growing in ways we never could have imagined…  But God!

Wish you were here……..

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