Martin Smith is a VP of Field Analytics in the Oil and Gas industry focused on the intersection between innovative technology and human performance. Martin leads “The Flying Penguins” ministry, focused on facilitating transformational personal encounters with the living God!  He is passionate about people not only understanding identity in Christ but experiencing Identity that sets them free to live powerful lives in the love and freedom of Christ! 

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– Childhood dream warfare (enjoying it!)
– Frank Peretti – “This Present Darkness”
– Flying Penguins beginning
– Dismantling the fear of failure
– Identity in Christ
– Encounters in the spirit realm
– Angelic visitations
– Discipling kids
– Battling guilt over business calling
– Background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
– Integrity = no hiding mistakes at work
– Vulnerability in conversations and relationships
– Security in Christ
– Intimacy issue (esp. with men)
– Acceptance/Approval
– Agreement and Alignment
– Not being afraid of what I’ll discover inside
– Words of knowledge
– Hiring a coach
– Podcast on #FringeRadioNetwork


“When you take on an exercise to practice [getting words of knowledge], you have to find fun in the failure, otherwise you’ll give up.”

“My behavior is not who I am.” (in reference to acting out of character)

SCB ACADEMY TRAINING: Oneness as an Extension of Identity
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