Upon moving to Mobile, Alabama in the summer of 2000, Daniel Cook began a journey that led him to discover secrets in the Hebrew Aleph-beit. What he learned launched a whole new way of thinking. And he was never the same again. He is an avid blogger, and contributes regularly to the TzimTzum.life website and currently teaches The School of The Living Letters Worldwide and is a Consulting Partner for 28 Lions, Inc.


– Daniel’s faith journey
– The intent of the heart
– Building a matrix inside of faith that holds treasure
– Intention of poverty
– The negative voice within us
– Going into the secret place
– The sapphire stones
– Walking through things step by step
– Trust and confidence
– The matrix of abundance
– Created to be filled vessels
– Giving back to others

1) The intent of my heart forms the matrix where the words of my mouth then have the ability to develop and grow.
2) Sharing things that have changed our lives can spark a seed of Father’s word in someone else that will grow into fruition so that an abundance of fruit can be produced.
3) There’s sometimes a small voice inside people that wants to stop them from moving forward in areas of their lives. It says things like “who are you,” or “can you really do that,” and even “do you really think that’s possible?” This is where renewing of the mind is needed to shut that voice down and replace it with what Father says about them.
4) Yahweh can take us into a secret place of darkness inside us where a fire can begin to grow in our heart. Father can do something new in us and help us get rid of things that are holding us back, especially carrying the intention of poverty.  That’s a very common limiting belief that must go for us to do all the things he’s called us to do.
5) In this secret place I was given sapphire stones by Father that multiplied into more stones. I was asked to come back and collect more stones so he could instruct me on how to build a structure step by step in his pattern at his speed. Now I wouldn’t get ahead of him or myself. It was about his timing and not mine so I wouldn’t rush through the process. This released the mindset of poverty, and it created a matrix of the abundance of his purpose.
6) Meditation is focusing on the Lord, his light, and what he is trying to say or show you at that time. It quiets all the other thoughts that keep us from who we are meant to be.
7) Father wants to bless us through a process of walking through protocols in a place of maturity.
8) We aren’t intended to keep what we receive from Father for ourselves only. Coming out of a poverty mindset we will begin to walk in the intention of the heart that blesses others with what we have received. It will become a place of overflowing and ever increasing prosperity of his glory and grace. 

– The intent of our hearts forms a matrix.
– The adversary comes to talk us out of the very things that Father says that we can do.
– When I receive something from Father the first time, I give it back as a first fruit offering.
– The mindset of poverty can be a place of instant gratitude to do things quickly.
– Poverty mindset extends beyond our ability to handle something.
– Yahweh created us to be vessels that can be filled because he wants to keep filling us up with himself.

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