Listen in on the conversation the Next Agers had regarding encounters with Yahweh, seasons of growth, and other cool stuff!

Next Agers on the show: Martin Smith, of The Flying Penguins, Daniel Jedidiah Cook of Tzim Tzum Life, Derek Grosskurth, aka TruthSeekah, Katharine Wang of the Age to Come University, Michael Basham of Spirit Force and the Fringe Radio Network, Christopher Finch of White Stone 217 Ministries, and of course, Bralynn Newby, of Bralynn Newby International.

– Different facets of revelation
– Self-discovery season
– Coming to a higher level of consciousness
– Empowering the seasons
– How do you encounter others
– Expanding your frequency field
– Our sphere of influence
– The age of position
– No competition with others
– Preparing to be a vessel filled with oil
– Becoming our own future America who are spirit force people
– Releasing the old year and bringing in the new year

1) TruthSeekah – The revelation that God is doing on the earth may be the same, but each of us have a different piece of the facet of revelation that God has placed in our hearts that we will  accomplish on earth.
2) Martin Smith – If we feel wretched, depressed and that we aren’t interacting with God we don’t need to feel like we need to get rid of ourselves. Jesus has already died and is living inside of us. We are to discern who he has already made us to be.
3) Bralynn Newby – In the dry seasons where you feel you’re not seeing or hearing don’t be self-focused. You can have a breakthrough by focusing on how or where you can help others.
4) Katharine Wang – Enjoy the phase or season you are in and don’t judge it as better or worse than someone else’s season that they are in. There’s no judgement to any season. Just embrace the season and remove the judgement so it can bring a major breakthrough and incremental growth.
5) Christopher Finch – We choose the way we are being taught and tutored according to Psalms 25:12. There’s a trust in the different stages of development in the new creature part of your nature, that’s ready to manifest. As we shift into this trust there are facets of his teachings that leads to all truth and excludes unbelief and doubt.
6) Michael Basham – It’s important to walk in the fruits of love, peace, and compassion. This is key because Jesus felt and walked in love, compassion and he blessed others by activating it. We let go of routines and schedules so that we can be free to let the Spirit lead in our daily walk. Then, we will see him release many miracles by walking in this light.
7) Michael Basham – Greater understanding of love from Father changes us. It’s never guilt, condemnation, or shame that ushers in the long term change. The frequency energy field of love is what we need to learn to expand and emit so it can have a positive effect on people without saying a word.
8) TruthSeekah – Our sphere of influence is our heart space, like in the bible when Peter had the frequency field of healing. It comes out of our heart as we expand peace, love, joy, and blessings.
9) Martin Smith – You can’t use the same violence and tactics then expect a different result. Love must be the method used to gain and maintain victory. Don’t be stuck in warfare, be stuck in the frequency of love.
10) Daniel Jedidiah Cook – We all are a facet in the diamond with Yahweh as he is the light in the center.. The beauty of the diamond is expressed because each facet is reflecting its own light plus the light and refraction of the lights from others that are nearby. We all work together as a whole, even though we all do our own part individually as we focus on Yahweh.
11) Christopher Finch – Each one of us are the words and consciousness of Yahweh. As we meditate, and focus on his word we will begin to see his desire for all the things that he has for us and we can begin to expand ourselves in him out of that focus.
12) Bralynn Newby – If you do the work for God to create and prepare you as a vessel he can pour the oil of heaven into you. Heaven doesn’t run out of oil, earth runs out of prepared vessels. So let’s be a “whosoever will” and be willing to go through preparation so God can pour into you and your business. 

– Katharine Wang – Take your desperate feelings that may be emotional to you and declare that this is going to submit to me and to my desires this new year. Declare that this new year is going to be what is written on your scroll and God will use it so you can have breakthroughs as you step into limitless possibiities.
– Michaell Basham – I ask for us to have a strong desire for God and to remove all the religiousness within us. I ask that we would crave the presence of his hand in our life. After sending prayers of adoration, love, and drawing closer to the hand of God I believe that we would begin seeing breakthroughs and  miracles that will manifest on the earth.
– Daniel Jedidiah Cook – There’s a place in me that only Yahweh can fill. As above, so below leaves me thinking that there’s a place in him that only I can fill. There’s no separation and my heart is to be a place of intimacy with Yahweh. This connects to “I only do what I see the Father doing” like Yeshua. In truth and understanding I don’t lean into my own understanding but I acknowledge him and his ways as he directs my paths.
– Christopher Finch – Shift to a higher consciousness in ekklesia so that we can shift from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and only eat of the tree of life.
– TruthSeekah – Jesus said don’t call him good, only the Father is good. We receive his consciousness so we can see people as he sees them. This light needs to come to our understanding so we can perceive the world correctly. God sees the heart of people. We can choose love and personify it.
– Martin Smith – Look back and release love and show gratitude to those events in your past. This embracing out of gratitude brings a shift as we expand love into every aspect of our past, present and future.

– There are seasons of internal and external push. We are all in our own seasons.
– Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good to those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
– Reach into your future and bring it into today.
– We are becoming our own future America, who are spirit force people.
– The vibration in the atmosphere must be love, because it’s the most powerful vibrational frequency.
– Our potential is unbelievable. We are so powerful and we can help each other to be the best that we can be.

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