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– It’s all about the blood
– How graphene oxide affects the body
– Symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning
– Biome Upgrade (Bi-Up) reverses negative responses in the body
– How Bi-Up deconstructs the self-replication process
– Communicating with fungus
– Hydras and how they affect the cells
– God downloaded the way to give new direction to spike proteins
– Hydras are formulated in labs and given job descriptions
– Symptoms from the injection ingredients
– The Bi-Up products and directions
– The good news: going back to our original design

1) Hemoglobin in healthy red blood cells that are round and carry a negative charge on the outside of the membrane.  Normally each cell flows through the vascular system with no problem. When graphene oxide is introduced to the body via the injection, it gets into the red blood cells and they lose their negative charge and become positivly charged. This causes the red blood cells to clump and to clot which causes a problem with the flow of the blood.
2) Graphene oxide produces tubules in the blood and begins to replicate itself. As it gets bigger they can’t get through the capillary system where the blood flows from the arteries to the veins and back to the heart. This becomes life threatening.
3) For the body’s protection the hemoglobin tries to intake as much graphene oxide in the blood as it can to protect and maintain life.
4) A few symptoms from the effects of the injection are: Blood clots in the brain and in the heart, shortness of breath, feeling tired, rashes, headaches, and irregular menstrual cycles.
5) There are parasites formulated in a lab, such as Trypanosoma, in the implant as well.  This one’s job is to grow and replicate itself like the spike proteins do. The parasite’s food source is protein. Part of the download Taser received from God gave him the way to reverse the directives and change the assignment of the parasites so the immune system can locate the invaders and the parasites would now eat the spike protein instead. This means no more replication in the cell, so no more clotting and it can now exit the body.
6) Hydra Linnaeus is a parasite created in the lab and it is designed to make changes in the DNA. They are double celled organisms that grow large enough to be seen with the naked eye.. They multiply rapidly in the body when they come into contact with graphene oxide. 7) Spike proteins stop the body’s natural and normal DNA repair. (It was proven on October 13, 2021 that spike protein causes DNA damage.) Normal spike protein has a connection site on the membrane of the cell to release certain information into the cell and then it gets replicated and the spike falls off.  They have engineered the implant to cause the spike to remain and lock into the membrane and continue its activity. The ridges the spike has can slice the red blood cells that are going by and the cell will then leak its contents and this causes more damage. This is why it was so important and amazing that God gave the directive to be able to reverse this assignment and get the parasite to eat these spike proteins and remove them from the body. 8) Fungus plays a key role in the functionality of the Biome Upgrade product because fungus is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, and it’s job is to break down and deconstruct things, while being extremely adaptive to its environment.

Biome Upgrade (Bi-Up) Product:

Bi-Up is designed to upgrade your immune system so it can be alerted to invaders in the bio-weapon that have been designed to slip past the immune system undetected and destroy organs, such as reproductive organs and the heart.

There are two Bi-Up products, one for those susceptible to shedding, and one for those who have been implanted and now want to heal themselves and stop being a weapon to others.  Each has 2 components: One is the dermal spray you use on your neck and upper chest area where the thymus gland is located. The other one is to be used orally.  Simply pump it into your mouth and swish it around for a minute before swallowing, which allows it to get into your system quickly. The two products used together are like a double punch to the Biome.

For those warding off shedding, use this for 3 months.  And for those already implanted, use for 6 months. Both are used 5 days on and two off. The two days off we recommend if possible to fast so the body can have a break as it is removing the excess toxins from the body. Use your discretion on how you choose to fast and how many times during the program.

Bi-Up is formulated using many equations, directives, communicating through frequency and intention in the quantum realm along with working with the fungi in the body.  Because frequency and intention are critical to the efficacy of the product, there is a 30-minute “Activation” video that you may use as well.

– Leviticus 17:11 “For the life of the flesh is in the blood”…
– God always allows a way to turn around the bad for the good if we are open.
– We blow the shofar frequency over all of our products. We feel like it releases the frequency of God’s breath into our products.

NOTE from Bralynn: I strongly urge you to do your own research.  Look at the source of funding for the research – who is behind it.  Follow the money.  Don’t take anything at face value.  Dig.  Pray about it, use common sense, and always pay attention to a check in your spirit about any info you hear.  I haven’t vetted every source listed.  These may provide a starting point for your own study, and for drawing your own conclusions.

  1. Dr. Brian Bridle the Viral Immunologist and Associate Professor at the University of Guelph speaks out: (32-min long version)
  2. Graphene oxide found in injected and non-injected patients:     
  3. Dr. Ariyana Love hydras, mRNA, and gene therapy:—Dr–Ariyana-love-   
  4. Dr. Daniel Negase helping people to open their eyes:
  5. Dr. Ariyana Love: What is in the jab:
  6. Dr Zelenko explains the bioweapon:
  7. Dr. Ariyana Love: Hydras and Parasites:
  8. Is Covid 19 a bio-weapon: Dr Richard Fleming:
  9. Mom blames Pfizer vaccine on her 16 year old son’s death:
  10.  Dr Zelenko, protect the kids:
  11. Dr. John Cambell speaks to a vax-injured mountain bike racer:
  12.  Dangerous spike proteins: and the complications:
  13.  Dr. Peter McCullough, exposing the corruption on medical tyranny: 
  14.  Dr. Bryam Bridle, censorship and smear campaigns on Doctors and Scientists: 
  15.  Dr. Zelenko: Jabs are premeditated murder: 
  16.  Hydra Linnaeus found in the vaccine: NOTE from Bralynn: The info is interesting, but the guy speaking is not identified, so that always makes me question it.  Just a heads up.
  17.  Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, proof that puts an end to Sars-CoV-2 narrative:


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