Bralynn and Lemuel continue the conversation on what Kingship looks like, and how to operate as a King, a Priest, and a Son in your business.

Lemuel Adebambo is a business consultant, performance coach and director of LSM (Lemuel’s School of Mastery). He teaches people how to win, unlock their genius, and stimulate exponential growth while also empowering them to become experts that global leaders consult.

– Skill power
– Mediation power
– Star power
– Location power
– Discerning times and seasons
– The five ages
– Two merging ages
– Cryptocurrency
– Focusing on Jesus

1) Six powers you need to identify and operate in that will turn your business into a Kingdom business: your purpose, your skill powers, your mediation powers. your star powers, your location powers, and your sovereign powers.
2) Skill Powers – Deals with the abilities that God has given to you. These abilities are specific to the type of kingship archetype we’re called to manifest. Skill power has within it a bench of three, wisdom, understanding and knowledge that sits over your life to help you begin to manifest kingship. As we mature in this, it becomes the first way we begin to step into our positions of authority. These abilities and authority have an aspect of business.
3) Mediation Powers – In business it is about your capacity to sell. On the spiritual side it’s about your capacity to create bridges between people, nations, and realms. Those who can bridge the spirit world and the natural world are called shamans in our culture. But in the Kingdom of God they’re called legislators and oracles. To develop this mediation power, we want to connect with legislators, oracles, evangelists and prophets.  We need to draw from their wisdom, understanding and knowledge for our Kingdom businesses.
4) Star Power – This is a manifestation of your glory. The bible says we are being transformed into his image from glory to glory. It is also about light and how brightly you shine in excellence. This is very important in business.  One of the ways star power manifests is in the form of favor.
5) Location Power – Is about your ability to be at the right place at the right time so you can be in position to access success. When starting a business it’s important to be in the right location, to have the right platforms to use and to be able to use these platforms effectively so location power can manifest. It also has to do with being in the right times and seasons.
6) Sovereign Power – Is about knowing what is in your heart and the maturation of your will. It’s your ability to stand alone and to think freely for yourself and not be swayed easily by every wind and wave of doctrine or opinions etc. In this sovereign power you can stand before kings.
7) The age of peace and the Kingdom ages are merging because God said he would shorten the time of the end. Because of the merging ages and the characteristics they carry, we can have the foresight and have the upper hand to maximize opportunities as they are presented to us. Watch the times and seasons.
8) Cryptocurrency is a manifestation of the age of peace because it’s characterized by information and the way that information is mined, how it’s stored, and that it has blockchain technology.

– We can increase in favor with God and man.
– One of the qualities of a Prince is the ability to discern times and seasons like the sons of Issachar
– We can be ahead of the curve because we have the advantage by our position in Christ.
– We are stepping into an age where our influence is needed more than ever.
– It’s a great time to be alive. God’s showcasing his champions in the world.
– God will keep us in perfect peace, those whose mind is stayed on him. So focus on Jesus.

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