Lemuel is the founder and senior leader of Imperial Gate. He’s also a public speaker, entrepreneur, author and director of LSM. He never thought that an encounter with a campus minister in a Nigerian boarding school would lead to a life of adventure in God. 20+ years later, Lemuel’s passion has consistently been to pursue oneness with God.

Through his discipleship training programs, spiritual mentoring/coaching platforms and books, Lemuel is fulfilling his global mandate of bringing the rule of God’s government to Earth. His desire is to help equip the body of Christ for the work of ministry and for governance over the systems of the world.

– Empowering the body of Christ
– Standing before kings
– Unhealthy addiction to knowledge
– Princeship 101 course
– Kingship course
– The 5 major manifestations of kingship and biblical examples
– The 5 manifestations of kingship in business
– Identifying your sun
– Thoughts about cryptocurrency
– Identifying your purpose 

1) There’s such a need to empower the next generation and the body of Christ to be like Daniel’s and Joseph’s and to influence kings. Then they can come into a position of authority and dominion power that allows them to bring change to the world.

2) When kings are trained for kingship they are trained to become successors to thrones. They are taught to stand before kings. When they stand before kings they should also be prepared to have something to offer them.

3) When global leaders reach out to consult with Kingdom people, these people need to be operating in authority and power and delivering Kingdom perspectives.

4) Kingship has five major manifestations: Godship, Princeship, Lordship, Queenship and then Kingship. All of these are seen in the life of David, for example.

 5) We are light beings, and we need to have something that allows us to give expression to our life. This is called our “sun”, and we need to be able to identify what our unique sun is. When you identify your sun it opens the doors to other areas and aspects of your business.

6) Identifying your purpose deals with how God has wired or gifted you and who you are.

7) The Princeship 101 course has 30+ lessons. It has practical concepts that help them see how what they are learning actually applies to their personal lives and business.

– Standing before kings is an art.
– Knowledge is an abyss.
– The concept of standing before kings is to emphasize having an influence.
– Engaging heaven is great but we must have the manifestation on the earth.
– As I receive new revelations I add the new knowledge to my courses, which is a necessary consequence of having a mind that’s being constantly renewed.
– All kings are princes but not all princes are kings
– Princeship denotes the concept of leadership.
– Crypto seems to possibly be the future of currency.


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