Living in Sandpoint, Idaho, with his wife and four boys, Jeff Domansky is a creative and an enterpriser. He is the founder and owner of Segullah Studios – a sound and graphic design company with a vision to unlock the beholder’s heart and inspire it to go on a journey to discover its origin. Jeff joins his love for digital music soundscapes with over 25 years of classical training and experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of the analog and digital worlds – utilizing dimensional landscapes of sound to paint otherworld experiences which explore the depths of movement and composition of music and the heart.

In addition to music, Jeff has expanded his creative energy to explore the mediums digital art. His artwork is inspired by his own personal spiritual engagements with YHVH and the heavenly realms. Joining music with art, Segullah Studios was created with the desire to help individuals and businesses alike to explore sounds and imagery–customizing and shaping sound and light to reveal who they really are through their personal brand.

Jeff is also a founding partner in Above The Sun Trading Tables. This is an educational platform and online community created to explore the world of wealth building according to Heaven’s principles – to engage with heaven directly in getting wisdom, understand, and knowledge for establishing and administering personal wealth in the earth. ATS Trading Tables focuses on five key pillars of personal wealth: cryptocurrency, precious metals, real estate, enterprise, and most importantly relationships – our greatest transcendent asset that bridges the divide between heaven and earth.”

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– Heaven is about relationships
– Relationship is a foundational piece in cryptocurrencies
– Entering into a Holy inviting Spirit
– Putting aside fear and doubt
– Comparing decentralization to the body of Christ
– Decentralized framework for our financial future
– Relational connections between members
– Humanity is what gives things value
– Cryptocurrency is on the fringes of moving into the quantum
– Quantum financial system integrate with DNA structures
– Sons are awakening, manifesting in their responsibilities
– Those who say yes experience exponential increase
– Shift the way we think about money and wealth
– We are limitless
– Need, lack and want doesn’t exist in the language of heaven


1) There is a correlation here, there is a decentralization of Christ in the body. We understand that we are many parts of one and we operate together individually, but together as a whole we represent Christ in creation.

2) I realized, there was a picture of Christ in the economic dimensions that we as believers could apprehend and could actually walk in and a shadow of his government was being represented in this new financial structure.

3) No one man can control the cryptocurrency, the blockchain. No one government can do it. It’s completely spread out and it is impossible to duplicate it in such a way that corrupts the system. This speaks of Christ where there is no way to provide corruption in his body. The genuinity of his spirit of his being is verified over and over again. You know it’s true because it’s being duplicated and you can verify it by the spirit that’s in another that they are the same.

4) Comparing a decentralized body of Christ and the decentralized framework for our financial future is for ex. – Take the body of Christ and its many members spread throughout the globe the centralization in blockchain or in cryptocurrency and with its hundreds of different computer nodes, pointing across the globe where they share a synchronicity of the data and they have an identical copy of the same thing. This correlates to the spiritual where we have the same DNA as Christ in us regardless where you are in the globe, we have the same blockchain. Christ DNA is the historical record of his DNA in us and is duplicated over and over and it provides a validation with one another.

5) What the Community says gives value to cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens.. The Community backs it with money, loyalty or activities on the blockchain in the Community and in the network. They become fans and then as the fans increase the value increases.  It’s a faith based concept. Whether it’s gold or some other sort of asset or some sort of service the Community says this is valuable.

6) The US dollar is backed by faith and not by anything of real value but the government says it’s worth something or the Community. The retailer’s take it as tender for legal transactions.

7) Relationships are the currency of heaven. It’s a relational coin and it has real value. It’s an asset that’s far greater than anything in the earth or below the sun can produce. Whether it is Fiat, precious metals, or cryptocurrency, relationship is an asset that transcends all because it can be used, both in above and below the sun, in heaven and in earth. We are spending time engaging the kingdom and we have had some new things unlocked for us. One is quantum relational synchronicity. It is a syncing of relationships at a quantum level – a quantum entanglement, a relational connection at the quantum level.

8) We have to shift our words of lack, in our conversations. We shift our wants and desires because of our lack and not because we live on a source of unlimited supply. We begin to shift our language. We can say Father you’re limitless and because I am in your house the fulness therin is also mine.

– My journey to dig into cryptocurrency didn’t take long. The Spirit I entered into was Holy inviting. Yeshua, Jesus was right there and began to direct me in things I didn’t know and in ways I didn’t recognize prior to that.
– Something clicked when I was engaging with Yeshuva, Yahweh, and Ruach Ha  Kodesh. We were talking about John 17 and unity and being one with each other.
– Christ’s prayer for the body is that they would be one as he is and the Father are one and that in the earth we would be the expression of that unity among creation.
– The consensus of the community gives value to a coin or token.
– The paper dollar is worthless compared to the metal assets that are out there but it’s value because the Community says it is. When the value begins to diminish and the Community decides it doesn’t trust that any longer and if not it loses its value.
– You will see a shift away from something that is a value into something that’s of greater value and that’s what’s happening now.
– More people are waking up and saying cryptocurrency is a legitimate platform for economic financial stability. As it continues to be embraced it will continue to be more stable and it will continue to increase in value.
–  Community and the relationships down to the individual says that something has value or not, this is the correlation to what heaven is built on.
– Heaven is built on relationships and its currency is relationships. It does everything, it creates everything through an arcing of relationships.
– Above The Sun Trading Tables says “relationship is the currency of heaven.”
– Trading tables is about how to build wealth in relationship with heaven, in Fathers realms, and with those who have been mandated over our lives.
–  We are spending some time there engaging the kingdom and we have had some new things  unlocked for us. One is, the phrase Quantum relational synchronicity. It is a syncing of relationships at a quantum level. It’s a quantum entanglement, a relational connection at the quantum level.

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