Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, is a Kingdom warrior called to release and activate voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion.  She helps visionary influencers package their brilliance by:
1)  Designing your Platform of Influence
2)  Building sales funnels to Monetize your Message
3)  Activating the right Systems and Structure to transform more lives and take more territory for the Kingdom.

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– Know your Mandate, you Message, and your current Mission/Assignment

You are designed to be happy, fulfilled and significant, and your story is designed to help others. Nothing is more attractive to your ideal client than you being fully YOU.

The 3 GOLDEN Keys of “Planning to Profit”:

  1. The Mindset: Are you really Planning to Profit?  Our minds are fascinating, powerful, and often unwittingly misprogrammed.  How you use your mind to create, attract, or repel is critical to your ability to profit.
  2. The Strategy:  Do you have an executable Plan in place to Profit by sharing your brilliance and expertise?  This blueprint walks you through designing and building a workable content strategy to monetize your unique story.
  3. The Journey:  So many visionary people are awesomely amazing at Planning–dreaming up new ways to serve people and add value to the world…but aren’t so great at execution–getting to Profit.  Get activated, systematized, and structured to keep your brilliance train on the rails.


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