For over 40 years, Maryann Ehmann, Abundance Master, Dream Activator, Income Strategist and founder of Magnificent Love Coaching, has successfully worked with teens to seniors, the humble poor to the fabulously wealthy, as well as the frustrated unemployed to the exhausted high achieving professional, teaching and coaching them all to achieve that which they never had before.

Her diverse experiences as a lawyer, financial adviser, and ministry leader give her a unique background to help solve a wide variety of issues. Even so, Maryann’s sweet spot is supporting the spiritually inclined entrepreneur who may be stuck or plateaued but will stop at nothing in furthering their deepest desires and wildest dreams.

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– Acceleration of spiritual principles and results
– Setting intention over our finances
– Put a stake in the ground
– The LIE of having to work like a dog to make money
– Concentrating on something else while God brought in the $$
– Making a decision and a declaration
– Not settling for less = higher price tag…but worth it
– Paying attention to that little “not quite right” feeling
– Be ready to pivot with God
– Heart’s desire
– Get the “YES” by sitting with God in the energy
– See it as DONE, stay in that DONE energy
– Maryann’s Coalition of Queens program
– Putting consistent content out creates connection
– Staying in the space of joy, even in problem solving
– Dial into the Lord every single day
– Get on your seat of rest
– Stories and programming that get in our way
– What we say is sometimes in conflict of what God says
– Get help walking out your destiny because stuff is often quite deep
– Ministry mindset can be crippling
– Desire to master money
– Designing financial plans from a place of greed
– Conflict between secular finances and the Word of God
– Childlike wonder of God’s word vs the oppression of religion
– Shrinking your expectations and worldview
– Perfectionistic sin-concious in religion
– Needing a radical shift in life

– We torture ourselves with doubts.
– Prov 10:22  The blessing of the Lord makes a man rich, and he adds no sorrow (struggle/striving/stress/toil) to it.  We do that.
– Her declaration was, “This is going to be the easiest, smoothest, most enjoyable move ever.”
– What we decide, what we declare, is what we get to have.
– Joy is contagious!
– Rest in God’s promises and adoration of us.
– We are going into a greater consciousness of our oneness with Christ.
– The more I got into religious systems, the broker I got!


1) Maryann doesn’t have a special star over her head.  Anything that anyone else believes for and receives can be true for you as well.  Once we set an intention, we need to stay in the energy of “it just is”, rather than diminishing the effect of that intention by fretting, strategizing, and trying to figure out how it’s going to happen.

2) You can have those doubtful moments and thoughts for a beat or two, but you have to swim back to the surface and crawl back up on the rock of success.

3) The energy of joy is contagious and connects people to you, and resting is the key to receiving.

4) Where is the disconnect between you and every provision?  It can only be in our stories of not believing that get in our way.