I am honored to welcome Peter back to the show!  He’s launching a bootcamp for content creators that you need to do if you create any courses, blogs, videos, and so forth online or off…especially with AI technology. Be sure to go back to catch SCB episodes 103 & 104 to get more intel from the first time Peter was on the show.

Navigating legal waters can be trickier than finding Nemo in a coral reef. From protecting yourself when using AI-generated masterpieces to defending against copycats who want to swipe your funnel designs, Peter’s legal bootcamp promises to be more exhilarating than a rollercoaster ride through copyright law!

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Peter is a nationally recognized leader in the field of intellectual property (IP), whose unique practice focuses on the many aspects of IP, both domestically and internationally.

Peter is a Global IP Portfolio Manager, Patent and Trademark Prosecutor, Patent Litigator, Adjunct Professor of Patent Law, Business Advisor, Copyright and Trade Secret Attorney, and his practice includes management of IP portfolios, patent licensing, IP legal opinions, counseling on IP strategies, and IP due diligence in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

He has extensive knowledge of the requirements and procedures for procurement of intellectual property and enforcement of rights and a complete understanding of how such intangible assets affect a corporation and strategies for best capitalizing on such assets globally.


  • Peter aims to prepare individuals for success without encountering legal troubles that could lead them to hire him at $600 an hour.
  • Stewarding skill sets responsibly and offers free educational trainings to raise awareness.
  • Protecting original ideas and content, especially those generated through AI.
  • Peter explains the complexities of copyright law regarding AI-generated content and modifications.
  • Bralynn shares her experience with creating her book cover, and potential legal issues.
  • Peter warns about copyright infringement when using AI-generated content or images found online, stressing the need to understand licensing terms.
  • Protecting websites and funnels from copying and the importance of having terms and conditions, copyright notices, and privacy policies.
  • Peter offers a VIP experience for deeper engagement during educational trainings, allowing participants to ask questions live for a fee.
  • Peter has a unique blend of legal expertise, from trademark to AI law, jokingly suggesting it’s as rare as finding a unicorn.
  • He credits Divine guidance for his career choices and the creation of his law firm and educational institution.
  • Peter aims to democratize legal knowledge and access, making legal services more affordable and understandable for everyone.
  • He advises starting with an attorney’s guidance for legal processes to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Peter offers free resources and training, encouraging people to take action on their ideas rather than letting them languish.
  • He highlights the spiritual significance of acting on Divine inspiration, likening it to receiving and stewarding heavenly gifts.
  • Peter and Bralynn discuss upcoming legal bootcamp for entrepreneurs, teasing the audience with a cliffhanger about next week’s discussion.


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