It was my delight to welcome returning guest Brian Orme to the show. He is now an author, and we discuss his exciting journey that culminated in the release of his new book House of Many Waters. He reveals the inspiration behind the book, its creative process, and the mystical elements that shape its narrative. Enjoy the fusion of spirituality, creativity and courage in Brian’s unconventional and collaborative approach to bringing his vision to life.


Brian spent 21 years ministering to and helping university students get breakthrough in their life and mindsets in order to position them for great purpose in the spheres of society. He has traveled the globe training, inspiring, and developing others to know who they are in Christ and to boldly live out their God-given destiny. He is the CEO of two businesses and has co-founded two nonprofits. Brian is a certified life coach.

– Genesis: The book was born out of a prophetic encounter in 2009. This experience propelled Brian into a realm of dreams, creativity, and spiritual exploration.
– Brian shared fascinating insights into his unique writing style, where he chose the captivating medium of manga to tell his story. Manga, renowned for its dynamic action scenes and profound character connections, allowed Brian to vividly depict his encounters with mystical entities and experiences. The narrative takes readers on a journey through “pneuma spheres” – realms of light that intricately intertwine with the protagonist’s path.
– In order to bring his vision to life, Brian embarked on a Kickstarter campaign, a venture that presented both challenges and rewards. Thanks to the support of backers who believed in the project, Brian was able to meet the financial goal. He discussed the planning and execution of the campaign, highlighting the significance of design elements and strategic communication.
– Brian hinted at the presence of three characters representing the Trinity, skillfully interwoven into the narrative without divulging too many spoilers. The evolution of these characters adds an element of intrigue to the story, providing readers with a deeper connection to the spiritual themes woven throughout the book.
– Looking towards the future, Brian shared his plans for upcoming installments in collaboration with fantasy writer David Waddell. These future books will delve into flashbacks, timelines, and an expansive world that expands upon the foundation established in the first novel. The collaborative process between Brian and David involves ongoing dialogue and co-creation, ensuring a seamless continuation of the series.
– Brian Orme’s journey, from prophetic dreams to the creation of a mystical manga, exemplifies the fusion of spirituality, creativity, and the courage to embark on uncharted paths. The conversation offered a glimpse into the mind of an artist navigating realms of imagination, guided by a profound connection to the divine.
– The stage is set for readers to embark on a spiritual odyssey, unveiling mysteries and traversing the imaginative landscapes of “House of Many Waters.”


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