In part 2 Jerry regales us with the 1970’s Jesus music scene, giving us a taste of what it was like to be a part of the Jesus Revolution. He also shares strategic business tips he’s learned over his 50+ years in the industry.


After an illustrious career in Jesus Music and much more, Jerry says, “I have transitioned into a role as city missionary/ambassador, itinerant speaker, networker, ACT Nashville Pastoral Care Coordinator, media producer and I am re-engaging with national and international ministry, as I am invited. No time for a rocking chair for me! I also plan to try my hand at writing. God has been supplying through partnership with people who trust and believe in who I am and what I am called to do.”

– Jesus Revolution movie
– Jesus music in the 70’s
– Traveling the world… including in the spirit realm
– Managing money and keeping your word
– Build relationships with people who have the heart of God
– Zeal isn’t always the best
– Find people who are doing business better than you
– Research what works
– We are mystical beings who serve a mystical God
– Working from heaven in business

– Go low and slow and don’t operate in the tyranny of urgency
– God wants you to win, and will show you his ways in encounters
– Abundant life is behind the veil with God

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