Jon shares jaw-dropping testimonies of miracles and the presence of God from right there in his business. He starts with a story of how my teaching impacted him! Make sure you go back and catch part one if you missed it! His journey is incredibly inspiring.

Landscape Designer by trade, Jon George is often caught tending Father’s creation on a small farm that he shares with his wife, Kim, their five children, and numerous chickens. Jon started Cottage Gardens after traveling the world working and doing missions and has since incorporated design ideas of ‘heaven on earth gardens’ taken from his travels in France, Hong Kong, and Japan.

– Approaching prayer from top down participation
– Gold dust manifesting and miracle healing
– Gemstones from heaven
– Overcoming poverty and performance mindsets with childlike faith
– Covered his business presentation with spiritual gold
– When Heaven participates, there’s no room for our own limitations!
– The Lord gives one person a key, and another person can ask how they can use it too.
– Holy Spirit really wants to show off in this season!
– Part of being a business is building and mending bridges of trust and being Jesus to the clients
– Ask the Lord if a difficult client is a ride He wants you to take – He may have a bigger plan than you think
– Flowers have their own frequency and they play in symphonies together
– Being “cloaked” in your business to be able to minister to your clients without them knowing it

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