Wow, you guys.  This is one of the most astounding conversations we’ve had yet, when it comes to God’s will manifesting on earth.  You will be as enthralled as I was!

Lindy Strong is an energy & quantum healing pioneer.  She has 15 experience developing healing tools, such as Forgiveness Therapy, which has centers in various nations.  Lindy is the founder and CEO of Marketplace Ministries, which teaches and trains how to hear Father’s voice, see in the spirit, and function as a son, from your place of authority in the heavenly realms.

Lindy also works in the Corporate World as a Potential Maximizing Consultant.  Every one of us carries within us some impact of our past.  That impact will have an effect on how we fulfill our potential. Using holistic tools she developed, she works with clients to recognize and dispense with mindsets of limitation to enable them to dream higher, see wider and work bigger.  

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– Our Cruise Retreat to the Caribbean in September 2020
– Potential Maximizer

– Jesus in everything with no mention in secular work
– Internal energy detox
– Corporate energy detox
– Cultural energy detox
– There’s got to be more than this…
– Not being able to hear God’s voice
– Start with a personal need
– Serving the spiritually hungry
– What Christianity is and how you live a Christian life
– Reprogrammed out of spirituality and into Christianity
– Confirmation certificate as a ticket to heaven
– Having God prioritize our to-do list
– Spiritual encounter vs religious experience
– Spirit being first idea NOT accepted in church
– Magic happened when engaged with his spirit
– Releasing his presence into people
– Playing Hide & Seek with Father
– Being totally real with Father
– Just fobbing it in faith!
– God did her job!
– Being prepared in the natural is the ticket to supernatural
– Make time….how do you do that?
– Having God completely manage your business
– Wasting time on God
– He wants to share the glory with us
– Walk in small steps of obedience
– It’s simple, but not easy
– Letting go of control & trusting when he says he’s got it
– Positioned to pull money in
– Pick and mix exemption method
– Our responses that don’t look like Jesus
– Being on constant simmer
– Being told, “You keep getting in the way.”
– Loving him because he loves you
– Investing in heaven gets the 30/60/100 ROI
– Divine connections to help navigate
– The God of the individual
– Bringing supernatural and natural together

“If I can see what he’s doing, then I can live my best life.”
“I just want to live to make my Father smile, because nothing else matters to me really.”
“You can’t pretend that you’re trusting him, you have to ACTUALLY trust him.”
“If you hang out with God, he makes you look good.”
“When we need the rent paid, he just puts it in our bank account.”
“Inner healing always starts at home.”
“From that place of vulnerability with him, be became my protector.”

1) Jesus will meet people where they are.  You just have to show up and be obedient to open the door to the spirit realm for them.
2) When we start to live from the place where he actually IS Lord, instead of just saying he’s Lord, everything shifts and changes.
3) There’s nothing on this earth that comes close to what it feels like to climb up on Father’s lap and enjoy his smile of being pleased with you.
4) When we take control, he lets go.  We want to be in control because we think he’s not doing anything, but he’s just doing things differently. We have a plan of how it should look, and when it doesn’t start to fall into place we think nothing’s happening.  But, actually, he stacks it all up, and then releases the domino effect, and it all falls perfectly into place.
5) Believe him when he says you can!

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