It is truly an honor and a pleasure to introduce Candace Benton to the SCB tribe. She’s not only brilliant – she can geek out on quantum physics with me – but she is above and beyond generous, kind, and is a lot of fun to boot.

In the first part of our conversation she shares her story and talks about what it takes to succeed as a Kingdom business owner.

***HUGE shout out to her too!!!***
She is now a super sponsor for the show! Please help me in sending blessings and abundance her way, and lifting her up in prayer.

Candace Benton is a Licensed Clinical Therapist working with the chronically and persistently mentally ill, and a Bible-based motivational speaker. She is also a serial entrepreneur, owning Candace Benton Consulting, LLC, Sleep Tight Tonight, Inc., and co-owns Serenity Recuperative Care, Inc, an organization that is dedicated to ending homelessness once and for all in the downtown and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA.

She has been instrumental in developing many Christian schools, substance abuse programs, and homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area. She has also spoken at congressional sessions advocating and helping to shape policy for individuals that suffer from substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Her latest venture is “Kingdom Confidence”, dedicated to teaching the laws and principles that govern finances in the Kingdom of God. Helping people develop confidence in the King and the Kingdom. She believes everyone can and should prosper…period,…… and there are laws that can make that possible.
Candace has committed her life to being there with answers for individuals and for the masses. Even in the midst of darkness, there is always a spot of light that can be found and expanded upon. Candace is a problem solver and gets great joy out of raising and improving the quality of life for herself, individuals, and organizations. Each day, Candace’s goal is to please God and serve people. When those two things happen, she calls it a “Good Day!”
When the Lord shifts you into something you have no idea about you have no choice but to become very studious and learn all you can about, which takes the fear out of the process.
He always gives us something to do, to act on. When we’re obedient to act on those things, we can trust it’s always going to come out okay.
Don’t yield to the pressure of the other voices in your head that want to keep you from pursuing what God showed you.
If you have people around you trying to talk you out of what God told you to do, you have to let them go. Be surrounded with people who are supporting you in your journey.
Don’t worry about being “perfect” or like anyone else. Just start with what you have and be the best you can be with that.

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