I hope you enjoyed Part 1!  Because we discuss more of her work in breaking open the secrecy of pedophilia, CPS trafficking, border atrocities, election fraud, and other corruption, we’re not putting it on YouTube or Facebook.  We don’t want to get a strike because of their programming…oops, censoring.  😉

Her BIO, if you missed it:

While the life of Lynz Piper-Loomis has seen hardship and set-back, her story is one of overcoming obstacles including death itself. Her journey took her through childhood trauma and events that would cause most to give up. She adopted the belief that her reaction to life was to become a victor, not a victim. Now, she wants to bring her strength and vision of
leadership to South Carolina. Her run for Congress is one of the unique chapters of her life and a transformative event for citizens of District 1.

She says, “The journey that ultimately led to my run for US Congress in 2022 is far from over. In fact, my growing team and I are just getting started in our efforts to save America and save South Carolina. From the border crisis to the grooming and trafficking crisis, to the poison of gender ideology and CRT in our schools, to the abortion
genocide, we have our work cut out for us in the coming months. I hope you’ll join us along the way— because friend, now is the time to fight.”

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