Stella broke free from a poverty mindset, came off welfare, and learned to believe that God really does want us to prosper. She is now an Eternal Life Coach, entrepreneur, investor, business woman and a Chayil woman of God.

– Stella’s story
– Weaving Spiritual life into your business
– Stella’s journey to entrepreneurship
– The importance of writing things down
– Working through family issues
– My love for business
– World tours
– No knowledge, apart from God
– God is always there
– Accessing God’s divine nature
– Stepping into my new level of prosperity
– Living in the center of relationship
– Surrounding myself in Patricia King’s ministry
– The Chayil Circle
– Being all we were created to be within our identities

1) I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. My work has always been an extension of my life which allowed me to always be involved in my children’s lives which was one reason for wanting to be an entrepreneur. I was an independent contractor for many years and launched my first business in 1997.

2) I began a journey of writing things down. It was in my early 20s that I came across an exercise that encouraged me to write things down about where you wanted to go and what you wanted to do, etc. in your life. It was 25 years later when I saw the list I had written, and I was astonished to see how much on my list I had already accomplished.

3) My life was defined by my family connection to church. I grew up in church all of my life. For a short time as a teenager, church and all of the beliefs became a love/hate relationship. I always had a relationship with God and felt connected to him. My soul has no knowing apart from God. This was really because of my mom who became spirit-filled when she was pregnant with my older brother. My spirit man was accustomed to hearing my mom pray in the spirit even as I was in the womb and all through my life. I always knew God was there. I became spirit-filled as a teenager.

4) I had a conversation with God about my prosperity. I had always been a tither and been in a relationship with him, but I wasn’t walking in the level of prosperity that others talked about. He led me to Jerimiah 17:5. I saw the curse in this chapter was not something you do but it is the acquisition of a mental state that has seven different consequences. It has misplaced trust where we trust in men and not God. We can’t be self-reliant where we do things on our own without Him. Our hearts must be turned to the Lord and not depart. Where your heart is there your treasures will be also. If your heart is not with God there will be elements of His divine nature that you will not get access to. Spending time with God gives you access to His divine nature that is rooted in abundance.

5) God desires three things: relationship, worship, and souls. He wants a relationship, and out of a relationship he wants our worship. He wants us to be like the One we are spending time with that we admire, adore, and are drawn to. This is how we take on his nature that leads people to Christ.

6) Going through the journey of the good, bad, and ugly, we are able to learn how to hear all the ways God talks to us. Through this process, God begins to shape our steps and shows us that He is always there.

7) We draw into our lives the things we need with intentionality, and it works by faith because God is so relational. Everything we need is on the other side of relationship. So if there’s any lack or insufficiency, this is an indicator that there’s a missing relationship, connection, or tie. If you can establish relationships and connect with people that God puts in your path, He usually brings provision on the tales of relationships.

8) The Chayil Circle is a community created for women to have a place to learn to hear God’s voice through relationship with Him and to be fully who you are in all of your identities: wife, mother, business woman, etc. This quality of life is learned through the process of relating to God because He is completely relational. We need this relationship because when we go through the ugly, we learn to lean into Him. We learn to build a relationship with Him in the course of connecting, where we get the solutions, and, in knowing God, we then will get the secrets.

9) When studying the Proverbs 31 woman, my eyes saw all the entrepreneurial elements of who this woman was. I saw her as the personification of the body of Christ and how she was woven into my life. I needed what this Proverbs woman had so I could walk out my own life. I get to be all of my identities and just become. No picking and choosing. Like Jesus gets to be all of his identities; he is the Lion, the Lamb, the Ancient of Days, the Son of God, etc.

– Provision is on the other side of relationship.
– Writing things down shapes your steps.
– The destination isn’t defined by the journey, the journey shapes the destination.
– You become, in the process of doing.
– Divine nature is rooted in abundance.
– Everything God is, is abundance.
– We become like the people we spend time with; spend time with God
– I have a YouTube video called “My Testimony” by Stella.
– Accessing the Windows of Heaven is my first book.
– Seeing ourselves now, as we become.
– God is woven into everything we do, so learn to hear his voice.
– There are no accidents when God is woven into the course of your life.
– Creating for myself and my children, generational blessings.

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