Brian is an author, minister, and spiritual advisor. He is passionate about empowering others to live an ascended life in Christ, become aware of the limitless Kingdom, and encounter Father’s love. Brian has been a forerunner in ministry for the past 23 years, dedicating his life to reaching students on secular universities. His out of the box thinking, humor, love for people, and strategic and prophetic insight has brought him across the U.S. and world to connect with churches, ministries, business leaders, and more. Brian’s style of speaking and consulting, including his unique perspective of Kingdom realities have kept his calendar full. He is the co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdomstrate, co-founder of the nonprofit Kingdom Reformers, and the co-founder and CEO of Triscend LLC. Brian lives in San Diego with his wife Cecilee and his daughter Eowyn and son Liam. He is the author of the following books: Jumpstart, Little Beans and a Big God, The Ascended Life Volume I, The Ascended Life: Volume II and Remember When.

Anomali Ventures mentorship
– My most significant download for God
– Governing a new creation
– Defining who we are
– Grounding out the nebulous and hard to define
– People feel like an anomaly
– Omnimetry explained
– God is the center and measure of all things
– Distinguishing between Anomali and Omnimetry
– There’s many other programs to check out
– Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge and the role they play
– What’s trending in heaven

1) Anomali Ventures came out of a repeated prophetic word that I am an anomaly, I don’t fit in, and I am not easy to find. Anomali will be a 7-month international membership community. This mentorship will help to provide language, community, and revelations into what it looks like to govern into a new era of Kingdom living and advancement. There will be 2 sessions a month with one in the morning and one at night to accommodate everyone. There’s also a private Facebook group.
2) I had one of the most significant downloads from God. I began to write and draw it out. God said, “I am giving you a framework of new creation governance and how to function in it.” He added, “You need to teach people about what I have given you.”
3) It teaches us how to build the different processes within this framework. It’s how we can go from the foundations of who we are in Christ to building what Noah had seen. We will begin to terraform; it’s the process of engineering those things from the unseen realm and everything in between.
4) We are defining who we are as individuals, where we are as the body of Christ, and where God is taking us. We address these processes in order to be prepared for what he wants us to build according to what’s in his heart and in his mind.
5) The idea is how do we ground out something that’s nebulous and hard to define to where it starts to become tangible and exponential for other people.
6) Renaissance is built on the idea that man is the measure of all things. Things were built on the idea that we are the center of all things. Omnimitry is built on the idea that God is the center of all things and not man. God is the measure of all things in business, government, technology, etc.
7) In one month of Omnimity, we focus on putting the measure of God in our body to be expressed. How do we see the measure of God at a cellular level and how does that impact things like longevity, immortality, etc.? Some other areas we focus and spend time on are: how we see the measure of God in our businesses and how we see the measure of God in all of our relationships.
8) We learned how to get together in small groups and take realms and pray for divine data and then look for patterns within these small groups. Then, all the groups come together in repeated patterns and we would then look for overarching patterns. So we use this as God suggested along with the research I gathered about investment. It’s been around 90% correct and lots of fun.
9) It’s not that we aren’t hearing Father but that he may be shifting the way he is speaking. It may be in a different way than it used to be. He could now be communicating numerically or in creation. We could be in a transition which is very natural even though it feels unnatural.
10) Understanding is a big pattern in knowing what we are to build or what we are supposed to do and how something is to look. Wisdom makes what you’re building viable, Understanding makes it become sustainable, and Knowledge fills the house with treasure and it becomes profitable.

I want to help provide language because language to some people is a frame.
– Lights go off when people realize that what they have been seeing or feeling but have not had words for is what I am now speaking about.
– By Wisdom a house is built, by Understanding it’s established.
– There’s a heightened awakening happening in the world at a cosmic level.
– Things are shifting and transitioning that’s bringing such awareness.
– There’s a playfulness to Wisdom, so lighten up and play and have fun.
– Hope is the ability to see in the heavenly realms; if there’s any lack of awareness, the ability to see is hope deferred.
– Discover what is trending in heaven because it’s always superior to what’s trending here.


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