Peter Nieves is a leader in the field of intellectual property (IP), including domestic and foreign preparation and prosecution of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, trade secret rights, and disputes concerning IP. Peter’s practice also includes IP audits, patent and trademark licensing, counseling on IP strategies, and IP due diligence in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

Peter regularly counsels clients and renders informed opinions concerning the patentability of ideas, infringement/non-infringement of patents, the validity/invalidity of patents, and the design of products and processes to avoid potential infringement assertions.

Peter is also a Global IP Portfolio Manager, Patent and Trademark Prosecutor, Patent Litigator, Adjunct Professor of Patent Law, Public Speaker, Mentor, Shareholder, Business Advisor, and Rainmaker, with over 24 years of experience in his field.



– Positioned for impact
– The Holy of Holies within us
– The orchestration of God in my life
– Downloads from heaven
– Legally protecting God ideas
– Stepping into your bloodline to bring transformation
– Shifting the atmosphere
– Exercising our remarkable authority
– Representing the Kingdom of Heaven
– The importance of accuracy in our work
– Polishing the cloudy areas of our diamond
Protect your Idea Challenge

1) If the Holy of Holies is within us we should be transforming the industries that we are in now! Wherever we are planted we are perfectly positioned to be making an impact for the Kingdom of Heaven that is within us.
2) God downloads ideas from heaven to us and we know that those ideas are  all God. Some ideas will change the lives of others in their personal lives and  in their businesses. The enemy wants to corrupt our God ideas. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.
3) When God gives us downloads his wind is behind them and they grow fast like a big forest fire. You can’t stop something when God sets it in forward motion.
4) We have authority to shift the atmosphere in situations where the enemy is trying to control it. We can speak the word about that situation and remind ourselves what the word says about us not being anxious, and fearful. We are to have God’s peace that surpases all understanding. We can bind those spirits that are controlling the atmosphere. We have authority and dominion as ambassadors of the Kingdom of heaven. When we stand in that authority we transform every place that we are in.
5) As a Son of God, our light should be shining everywhere we are. Sometimes in the industry our light is not seen. We can smell like we are in the world instead of not being of the world, as the word speaks. We represent the Kingdom of Heaven and all of the characteristics within it.
6) We have gifts to move the kingdom forward but there are principalities that are aligned in multiple tiers, and they are associated with each industry. They want to expose what we are doing on every level.
7) Jesus is the light of the world. Wherever He is, His light penetrates everything. No walls or structures of heaven can block the light and presence of God. It’s the same way in the physical realm. As we move forward God’s light shines through our obedience and our willingness.
8) When we polish and clean up those cloudy areas in our lives it allows us to see, hear, and speak better as a Son of God. The purity can come in and our diamond can shine through every facet.

– Be a part of the change now, no more waiting.
– We have power and authority as a Son of God.
– Dignity and honor results in favor; This is a biblical principle.
– We must be a Son of God everyday and in every place.
– We are called to transform the industries we’re in.
– If we don’t represent the Kingdom of Heaven then who will?
– The presence of Father in us changes how others will speak and react around us.

Protect Your Idea Challenge:
Learn the basics about how to protect the ideas that God has given you  for your business.. A few areas that you will learn are: What are trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Learn how to do a trademark search. Learn what the components of a trademark application are. What are international classes? What is an acceptable specimen? And much more.

April 25th through April 29th. One hour a day and it is recorded if you can’t be there live.


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