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SCB’s 3-part series on Solutions from the Quantum Realm


In this 3-part series we discuss the bio war we’re currently in, and dive into the science and truth behind the lies the public is being programmed with. We also present the solution they’ve created to protect those of us who did not fall for accepting the bioweapon to be implanted into us.  There is also hope for those who did and now regret that they are infecting their loved ones, co-workers, and everyone else around them.  Taser and Kurt have a solution for those people as well!


What the enemy meant for harm, God has turned into good!


Solutions for Shedding from the Quantum Realm

Pt. 1


  1. Intro to why this is important
  2. Intro Taser Wraye and his work
  3. How the quantum realm works
  4. Intro Kurt Johnson
  5. Overview of dangers with being implanted

Solutions for Shedding from the Quantum Realm

Pt. 2


  1. Intro/Review
  2. Graphene Oxide
  3. Other nasties in the implant
  4. Spike protein & shedding
  5. Solution Overview

Solutions for Shedding from the Quantum Realm

Pt. 3


  1. Intro/Review
  2. Why Fungus is important
  3. Solution is/is not
  4. How to use Bi-Up
  5. Join the movement & get the solution



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