Spiritual Business Coaching

Partner with Heaven to Reach Your

Business Destiny, Gain Back Time, and Leave a Legacy.

Are you overwhelmed, but can’t put your finger on the problem?
It may be a spiritual issue holding you back.  We can help.

You Don’t Have to Face Challenges Alone

Whether you need Heaven’s strategy to scale your company, boost productivity, or implement systems, or Holy Spirit’s help through your toughest challenges, our ongoing Fusion coaching provides the spiritual and practical support you need for freedom, success and forward momentum on your destiny.

Partner with Heaven

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Direction
  • Creative Ideas
  • Protection
  • Competitive Advantage


  • Remove Spiritual Blocks
  • Release Limiting Beliefs
  • Shift Energy & Mindsets
  • Restore Foundations
  • Redeem Past Mistakes

Manifest Your Vision

  • Discover Your Kingship
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Nurture Relationships
  • Dream with Jesus
  • Work Interdimensionally

Coaching Options

Because we’re committed to moving you forward on your destiny, we work only in an ongoing relationship with you for at least three months.  This gives us all a chance to get to know the rhythm and uniqueness of your business and what makes you come alive. 

(See Bralynn’s Activations or Liebust sessions for single or 3-session packages.)

Our Most Popular

Our World Changers have enjoyed our 2X package

$950/mo with a 3-month minimum.
We are happy to meet weekly, or include team members as well.
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* The professional services and training resources provided by Spirit-Centered Business™ are typically considered BUSINESS EXPENSES in the USA. Confirm with your tax professional.

Henoh and his wife Gail have had several breakthroughs from working with us for over 9 months.  One of the more remarkable ones was eight minutes after a session where we released provision that had been held up Henoh got a confirmation that one of their largest customers doubled their next month’s order!  Yay God!!

Henoh D.


What we saw in the Heavenly realms is actually happening – like really, in real life!  So cool.  We are SO excited for the “new” that’s being unfolded, and what it means for the impact we can have in the world through our business.

Deb B.