Who Are You Really?

God says you are:

Beloved Child
of God

1 John 3:1  
Look with wonder at the depth of the Father’s marvelous love that he has lavished on us! He has called us and made us his very own beloved children. TPT

King and Priest

Revelation 5:10 
You have chosen us to serve our God and formed us into a kingdom of priests who reign on the earth.  TPT

Inheritor of the Kingdom

Matthew 25:34 
Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. ‘ ESV

Powerful Beyond Belief

John 14:12 
I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. NLV

But are You Living Like This?

We have an enemy that does NOT want us to know who we are,
or live as God designed us.

We’ve been lied to, programmed, and kept in the dark
about our TRUE IDENTITY!

Join our

5-Day Kingdom Identity Challenge
19-23 Sept.

to Discover the Truth about Who You Are

Just $15!


  • What does the Bible say about us?
  • Who/what is the Church?
  • What power and authority do we have?
  • What are we called to do?
  • How do we shed false beliefs?
  • How do we live from our true identity?
  • Where is a safe place to practice?

Here’s How it will Roll:

  • Daily, 1-hr LIVE zoom sessions
    Monday, Sept. 19 through Friday, Sept. 23
  • 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm UK
  • Private FB Group
  • Replays available for 7 days

VIP Opportunity:

  • An EXTRA hour Tues – Fri
  • Q&A Coaching
  • Practice together
  • Secret, Private FB Group
  • Access to all the replays for 3 months

About Your Coaches

Bralynn Newby is a spiritual business coach and trailblazing Kingdom warrior.  She is passionate about releasing and activating voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion.  As a Spiritual Engineer she helps entrepreneurs navigate the heavenly business center to operate from the spirit realm.  Bralynn also works with Holy Spirit to remove blocks, increase productivity and flow, and release resources and heavenly assistance.

Bralynn is also a speaker and the creator and host of the Spirit-Centered Business™ podcast, author of Planning to Profit™; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love,  and co-host of The Nth Degree with Newby and Neeper.

Bralynn Newby

Marion E Macleod is a Breakthrough Coach. Her prevailing passion is to see people set free from the constraints, lies and limiting beliefs that hold them back and keep them living small.  She is experienced in empowering and emboldening those who desire to grow stronger in the areas that make us uniquely precious and uniquely human – spirit, soul and body.

It’s Marion’s mission to take those who are hungry for change to the next level by unearthing people’s gifts, talents and dreams and bringing them out into the wider arena to be released and practised, finding the courage they need to become the world-changers they already are.

Marion E. Macleod

We Hope You’ll Join Us!