Relax.  Heal.  Get Stuff Done!

Spirit-Centered Business
Cruise 2020 Highlights

Here's a quick overview:

  • Intensive Retreat: Get stuff done AND lots of free time to Play!
  • Sept. 12-20 - 8 Days, 4 Caribbean Islands from Miami
  • Terrific Cruise Pricing: Oceanview only $850*
  • Inner Healing to take the Limits off your Business
  • BONUSES! Early bird, VIP Coaching, Package Deals and more...

* Unobstructed view, includes all port fees and taxes, all on board meals & entertainment.
Based on double occupancy

If Only You Could Get Away...


But not just run away.  How about getting away from your daily routine, away from the demands of running your home, your business, and your life?  Let someone else drive, cook, clean, pamper you, coach you, and help you transform your life.  Sounds good to me!



This cruise retreat is for you if:

  • You're feeling like there's something MORE for you to do
  • You want to serve the world in a more meaningful way
  • You're at a transition in life and don't know how to take the next step
  • You know it's time to step out of hiding and step up your business
  • You're feeling stuck, uninspired, fearful or confused about your future


We are Passionate and Totally Committed to Your Breakthrough!


We believe God has already determined who will be on the SCB at Sea Cruise Retreat!  He knows what you need, and has already provided a way to get you there.  Not only are we experts in training and coaching you through the blocks and to your destiny, but we are also fully engaged with Divine help from the Spirit realm...even RIGHT NOW as you read this!


So who are we?

Bralynn Newby

She may not be the captain of the ship, but she is the Message Architect!

Bralynn is called to release and activate voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion.  She works with visionary coaches, speakers & influencers to package their brilliance for more leverage in their business. We design platforms of influence, build sales funnels to monetize their message, and activate systems & structure to transform more lives and make more money.

Bralynn is the creator and host of Spirit-Centered Business™, author of Planning to Profit; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love, and co-host of Kingdom Talks.

Bralynn Newby Bralynn Newby International
Lindy Strong

Lindy Strong is an energy & quantum healing pioneer.  Using various energy techniques that the Father taught her, she walked through breast cancer to a clear mammogram.

Lindy has 15 experience developing healing tools, one of which is Forgiveness Therapy which has centers in various nations.  For more information see:

Lindy is the founder and CEO of Marketplace Ministries, a ministry that teaches and trains how to hear the Father’s voice, see in the spirit, and function as a son, from your place of authority in the heavenly realms. For more information on this see:

Lindy also works in the Corporate World as a Potential Maximizing Consultant.  Every one of us carries within us some impact of our past.  That impact will have an effect on how we fulfill our potential. Using holistic tools that she has developed she works with clients to recognize and dispense with mindsets of limitation to enable them to dream higher, see wider and work bigger.     For more information see:

Lindy Strong Marketplace Ministries

More About the Cruise

Sept. 12-20, 2020


8 Days of Fun and Adventure

In the Eastern Caribbean!

We Sail Out of Miami to 
Ports of Call:

St. Maarten

St. Kitts

San Juan Puerto Rico

Grand Turk

More About the Retreat

We Have SO Much Cool Stuff Planned!

All included in your ticket price.

  • Energy Healing Training & Activations
  • Business Coaching, Training & Implementation
  • Pre-Cruise Kick-Off Brunch in Miami
  • VIP Formal Gala - Dance your Socks Off!
  • Island Group Activity - Think Surf, Sun & Fun!

SCB at Sea Specifics


* Prices include all port fees and taxes,
but NOT on board expenses and gratuities.

Oceanview Stateroom:
$847.64 per person or $1695.00 for the cabin

Balcony Stateroom:
$1047.64 per person or $2095.25 for the cabin

Inside rooms available, but at these prices... who would want small and dark?

The Ship: Carnival Magic

Dining Options: Restaurants, Pubs, Buffets, and 24-hr Eateries, plus the Main Dining room experience where your wait staff know your name, and whether you like 1 lump or 2. All meals are included, alcohol extra.

Entertainment: Broadway Shows, full-blown Musical Productions featuring singers and dancers, Comedians, Bands, Game Shows, and more...

Island Excursions: The options for sight-seeing, shopping, water fun, adventure sports are almost endless. 3 ports are on your own, and your conference ticket includes a group excursion.

Call Our Cruise Concierge,
Traci Buckley


for cruise payment details
and options



*Ticket is separate from the cruise, and includes the following:

  • Saturday, Sept. 12 - Pre-Cruise Kick-Off Brunch in Miami
  • Shuttle from Miami hotel to the Port
  • Swag Bag of Goodies perfect for SCB at Sea Cruise Retreat
  • All training and activation sessions
  • All group activities on board
  • An Exclusive Island Excursion just for us!
  • VIP (and you're ALL VIP) Formal Gala on the 1st Formal night at sea


Early Bird Just $597
Through May 15th - $797 After


Early Bird Packages and Payment Options:

Buddy Pack:
2 Retreat Attendees registered at the same time: $1,047
(Yes, your spouse can be your buddy.)

Spouse Pack:
1 Attendee, plus Spouse gets all TEAL items above: $847
(Yes, a non-retreat attending friend can join on this package.)

3-Pay Options
Single: 3 payments of $217
Buddy Pack: 3 payments of $377
Spouse Pack: 3 payments of $307

Yes! This Cruise Retreat Sounds Amazing - But WAIT...

There's More...


(subtle, huh?)


Early Bird Bonus:
Save $200 or more!



March Bonus:
6 Months Access to the
Spirit-Centered Business Academy (More info Here.)

$280 Value!



Reserve Your Cruise (100% Refundable)
by April 15th and Get:

- Exclusive Master Class
with Lindy and Bralynn Together

- Group Coaching Session with Lindy

- Group Coaching Session with Bralynn



Reserve Your Cruise
by May 15th and Get:

- Exclusive Master Class
with Lindy and Bralynn Together

Reserve Your
SCB at Sea: Inside Out
Retreat Experience

Book Your Cruise with Traci: 916.595.2046
(100% Refundable)

Purchase Your Retreat Ticket Below
(Early Bird pricing ends May 15, 2020)

Single Payment Options

Early Bird Single $597
Early Bird Buddy $1,047
Early Bird Spouse $847

3-Payment Options

Early Bird Single $217/mo
Early Bird Buddy $377/mo
Early Bird Spouse $307/mo

The Cruise Backstory...

In 2016 I was in a conference with Robert Henderson on the Courts of Heaven.  This was the first time I was ever exposed to the revelation that we could visit heaven without dying!  Of course that totally changed my paradigm and the trajectory of my entire life, but I digress...  Back to the cruise story.

I already knew my assignment on earth was to shift culture for God's kingdom. My mandate was to release voices that had been held captive by fear and doubt, and to activate emerging influencers into their destiny to shift the culture in their sphere. When Robert mentioned that Faisal Malick said the way you shift culture was to buy it, I thought, "Okay, Lord...what do you want me to buy?" Faisal was talking about buying properties, businesses, and starting organizations, which wasn't even on my radar as far as interest.  But when the answer to my question came, "A cruise ship."  My heart leapt.  I got goose bumps all over, and tears came to my eyes.  "Really, Lord?  You would make that happen?" I knew that me (or my company) owning a cruise ship could only happen with Divine intervention.

But I really felt a solid, yes, that is what I am going to buy to influence culture. We would be able to shift the culture on board, as well as at every port we sailed to.  Wow.

I was working in the sound booth at the time, running the slide shows of the speakers, so I could sneak a peek at just how much scratch would buying a cruise ship take.  Well, I saw the average price for a new one was about $450 million dollars, but I could get a used one for just $250 million.  Cool.  I was only $249,998,000 short. 

Then I thought, well, how DO you buy a cruise ship anyway?  Not like there's a local dealership.  But I then thought, about one section at a time?  I could do cruise conferences and buy blocks of cabins until I could afford a deck, and then keep adding decks! Surely that's doable.  God's got this.

I thought I would try a cruise conference in 2018, but it just wasn't the right timing.  But late last year I got the bug again, and God said, "GO!"  I had no idea how or who or what...but I said, "Yes!" Then God showed me a couple people to ask about partnering with me, and I was extremely pleasantly shocked when Lindy Strong said yes.  I am incredibly honored and blessed and just blown away that God would assign her to me as my encourager and stabilizer in the storm of my, "This is so much bigger than me!" 

God has also blessed me with prayer warriors and heaven walkers who have seen the incredible breakthroughs the retreat attendees are going to get.  I am humbled and amazed at his goodness to allow me to help release and activate brilliant people into their destinies.  I look forward to meeting and doing cruise life with each of you world changers!

Bon Voyage!!!