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SCB Acceleration Package

“Bralynn’s Acceleration package is highly, HIGHLY recommended.  I am so grateful for everything she offers & everything she does.”

Miranda W.

Spiritual Breakthrough Coach

* The professional services and training resources provided by Spirit-Centered Business are typically considered BUSINESS EXPENSES in the USA. Confirm with your tax professional.

** Pricing is based on an individual business owner. Please contact us to work with your business partner(s) or team.

Faith  Means  Setting  Intention


Committing to a series of sessions is not only more effective and more affordable, it also declares your readiness and willingness to receive from heaven.  It opens channels of flow more easily, and welcomes resources and assistance with open arms.

Coaching Options




We define “Activation” as turning your focus into the spirit realm to see what Father is doing – just like Jesus did.

  • Discover your True Identity, as a maturing Son of God and the King He called you to be in your business.
  • Reclaim lost or stolen Inheritance and Influence!
  • Explore the Heavenly Business Center, and all the help and resources you can get there.


3-Session Package

Our 90-minute sessions are Holy Spirit led, and may lead us into personal or business freedom, a deeper understanding of your true identity or how to function in the spirit realm.  It’s always a transformational adventure!

Ongoing Weekly Sessions

We cover a lot of ground over the course of working together.  The Lord knows what you need on your journey, so life issues that affect business can be addressed as we walk out your destiny scroll.

Single Session

If you just want to test the waters, we can get your destiny scroll, work on your Declaration on Trade, or get revelation about whatever Holy Spirit wants to show you.

Spiritual Engineering

Your business is a unique expression of who you are and what you are called to do in the world.  Our coaching goes beyond….

  • Practical implementation of Heaven’s strategies and direction.
  • Option to work with a Trained Seer to read your destiny scroll and work with your assigned angels.
  • Option to have our team Build It for you!

Fusion Coaching with a Seer

Our 2X month FUSION sessions combine both activating in Heaven, and bringing it down with business coaching.  A spiritual seer trained in courts of heaven advocacy and working with heavenly beings assigned to your business joins Bralynn in manifesting your destiny.

For Coaches and Influencers

Build your business around the message on your heart. Get ongoing coaching on how to create a scalable, leveraged, sustainable revenue stream…based on your unique voice and your God-given destiny.  We work through personal and business challenges with Holy Spirit along the way.  

We’re there with you as you implement and activate for at least 6 months to get you launched or upleveled to where God is calling you.

Strategy, Systems & Structure

This package includes 2 strategy sessions to design the nuts and bolts of getting your business leveraged, streamlined and automated.  Then our team builds/updates your basic platform: website, CRM, social media, integration.

After doing the Liebusts and even before we did the Declaration of Trade, we have seen a significant change in the atmosphere and feeling in the office.  People who used to be butting heads are working in harmony and there is a lightness that wasn’t there before.

An opportunity came to meet with a very high level person and so many things happened that went perfectly right.  Just like we said in the Declaration of Trade.

Leo C.


We have been able to double our prices, and stick to our guns on the superior quality of our manufacturing.  Since we did this work in the spirit we’ve gotten a Dept. of Defense contract, and we are confident and bold rather than trying to give everything away.  This is our season to step up!

J & V


Our sessions have really been helpful.  I see a lot of favour and acceleration with renewing the diamond licence. We are now also in the process of applying for capital for the business and I’m also experiencing lots of favour in that area . I really appreciate the [Activation] sessions I’ve had with you so far. The sessions are also teaching me to ask lots of strategic questions by the leading of the Holy Spirit whenever I’m in the courts of heaven. 

Kingdom K.