Doug Tawlks is committed to living a life filled with meaningful adventures. As the founder and director of The Life Bridge, counseling and equipping ministry, his mission is to restore hearts and release the adventure of destiny in the lives of people seeking to overcome fear and live at a deeper level of joy and purpose.
Some of Doug’s adventures involved several trips to the mission field including traveling to other countries to train and speak to Pastors, Missionaries, and Leaders on Transforming Prayer and Building Heart 2 Heart Marriages. He has worked as a Youth Pastor and a Wilderness Instructor in survival and rock climbing. Doug’s experience as a social worker in foster care and running a center for families of at-risk teens has given him a unique understanding of the challenges that people face from all walks of society. He has also been a University Professor, one of his favorite quotes is from Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”



Commitment moves
Every area of life requires risk
Communicating feelings
Push through the wall of fear
Know what your anchors are
Have you studied the problem?
Epidemic levels of anxiety
Environmental impact on neurological health
Relationships are the core of your environment
Process in our minds where we come to a fork
Believing the lie that we’re more secure playing safe
Committed to a life of adventure
Everything doesn’t need to make sense
Primal nudges in our heart
Invite yourself
God speaks to us through our learning style
Know how you’re designed and celebrate it!
Stay hungry!
Grieve the adventure missed
Stillness in the presence of God feels risky
Trust God to take care of things while you’re with him
Those “in-between” seasons are important too

“Learning something from failing and learning something from succeeding are both valuable to know.”
“You can’t be a risk-taker if you’re worried about failure.”
“Make plans and pray that God interrupts them.”
“Intuition is a combo of how God made me and the way the Spirit leads me.”
“You can’t afford NOT to fail again.”

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