You’ll be as intrigued as I am with this topic and conversation with Dr. Ron Horner and Donna Neeper. Enjoy!


– The soul is taught from the outside in
– Give direction to your soul
– Reminding your soul to rest
– Call your spirit forth
– Trading outside of time
– Heaven speaks
– Commissioning and working with angels
– Angels assist us and order our steps
– Seeing outside of time to wait inside of time

1) Your spirit is connected to the flow of the Holy Spirit.
2) The door is an access point, a portal that has a threshold that is meant to be crossed. We cross in as a Son of God looking for God, Jesus, his kingdom and heaven.
3) Our spirit is the only part of us that is qualified to capture and receive heaven’s revelation directly. The soul gets revelation second hand. Our spirit knows how to break revelation down so that our soul can capture and understand it.
4) We can reach back in time when an agreement was made and bring it forward in time to deal with it. There is no distance in time.
5) The move comes before the provision’s manifestation. You make the move, the provision will come. The provision is activated by the movement.

– There are practical components of operating from heaven down.
– Heaven is waiting for those who come and shake off religious paradigms  that limit heaven revelation.
– Have a relationship with those assigned to you from heaven for your business and for your ministry.
– Heaven has much to share, all from Father.
– Heaven wants to talk about what is and what can be.
– The enemy will try to corrupt things but we just keep moving forward.
– Time is like fabric, it’s malleable. When you step into spiritual places the fabric of time is different.
– God’s people and heaven creating the future is one of the plans of Father.
– Doing things from trade. Trade is taking something and multiplying it.
– Religion will keep you from your inheritance, and it finds comfort in ritual.
– Inside the King’s realm is the King’s heart.
– All things are possible but not all things are profitable.
– Discernment from your oneness from the spirit of the Lord and his 7 reflections (spirits) will equate to heaven’s success through your portal.
– The soul can’t do the job of the spirit.

– Religious tradition locks you out of revelation.
– Jesus said he is the Door, which is an access portal.
– Be supernatural in a natural world.
– Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these thighs will be added to you.”
– One of the functions of time is so we can have a time of rest and recuperation before the next day. Heaven doesn’t need this kind of time.
– We need our angels to help us be sons and daughters in this realm.
– Don’t wait for the permission of religious traditions.
– Your movement will firm up the next steps one step at a time.

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