Join SCB this week for Part 2 with Dr. Ron Horner and Donna Neeper.  We continue the conversation about engaging heaven for your business and the optimal ways to connect and receive heaven’s assistance.

Dr. Ron Horner is the author of over twenty books on the Courts of Heaven and founder of LifeSpring International Ministries, which serves to advocate for individuals and businesses in the Courts of Heaven. Dr. Horner is the author of the bestselling book, Building Your Business from Heaven Down: How to Receive Heaven’s Input for Your Business. 

Donna Neeper serves as Dr. Ron’s Executive Assistant. With a highly cultivated seeing gift she helps facilitate forays into the realms of Heaven. She delights to help individuals understand the mechanics of operating in Heavenly realms. 

– Living from your spirit first
– Building visits from Heaven down
– We are spirit, soul, and body
– Our inheritance is the ability to access the spirit realm
– Your spirit is where all the riches of heaven are
– Always treat your soul with kindness
– Appreciating your soul
– Angels work with an invitation
– Courts of Reclamation to ask what we can reclaim
– Stewardship of the kingdom
– You get more to steward if you handle well what you have been given
– There’s a benefit to what you honor
– Learn to enter his rest

1) We need to learn to live like the Colossians church and access heaven directly for ourselves so we can get more revelation.
2) Our spirit can handle revelation, but our soul is not designed for this, and it will have trouble assimilating revelation.
3) The spirit is the one that needs activating and needs to be born again. Activating the spirit comes by first seeking the Kingdom of God.
4) Your spiritual senses are hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and your knower, (knowing that you know something). They are all at work and active when you step through the veil in another dimension. Get acclimated to where you are and look around to see and hear what is going on.
5) Use a recorder when in the spirit realm and don’t try to journal.
6) You can step into the Business Complex of heaven on behalf of your business to get downloads for specific needs. This is doing things from heaven down.
7) Heaven will multiply back into your realm all the time you spent in the rest. Five minutes in heaven is not five minutes on earth. Heaven has no time.
8) Asking what heaven has to say to you opens you up to hear from God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Men and Women in White Linen.
9) Get established in heaven so you can begin to get traction early on the earth for your business.

– If we learn to live from our spirit, as opposed to our soul which has been in charge for most if not all of our life, we can change everything about how we live and do business. There is a time to engage our soul but our soul is designed to rest. This allows our spirit to be the one who is in charge and that has a direct connection with heaven.
– The soul has been dominating the body since we were born. The soul is very much well suited for this 3D plane in this physical realm. We do need our soul and also we need our flesh.
– When your soul steps back and begins to rest you will feel a physical manifestation of that in the body. Somewhere you will feel a difference. This is why you can call your spirit forward to the forefront.
– In the name of Jesus you step into the realms of heaven through Jesus.  He is the access, the door, and he tore the veil, you step through using your spiritual senses.
– We are meant to have angels helping us, we are meant to be ministered to by angels, there are things we cannot do outside of the ministry of angels.
– We can request things that have been forfeited to come back to the kingdom which could include you, others, ministries, and businesses that have forfeited blessings. Be willing to go get it.
– There is a blueprint for your business and heaven is waiting on you. So jump in and find out what God’s got for you. Seek first the kingdom and then think about the blueprint.

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