Dr. Ron Horner is the author of over twenty books on the Courts of Heaven and founder of LifeSpring International Ministries, which serves to advocate for individuals and businesses in the Courts of Heaven. He is also the founder of BAS Global Consulting, a worldwide consulting company. Dr. Horner is a communicator and author of the bestselling book, Building Your Business from Heaven Down: How to Receive Heaven’s Input for Your Business. He writes and teaches on this subject as well as about overcoming other life-limiters. Dr. Horner spent many years in the IT industry and has owned several businesses throughout his career. His work has taken him around the globe.

Donna Neeper serves as Dr. Ron’s Executive Assistant. With a highly cultivated seeing gift she helps facilitate forays into the realms of Heaven. She delights to help individuals understand the mechanics of operating in Heavenly realms. She and her husband Lawrence are Oklahoma residents. They have two adult children and have just become first-time grandparents.

– Do things from heaven downward not earth upward
– Find out what heaven wants you to do
– The Business Complex in heaven
– Seeing and hearing work together jointly
– Insights on operating in the spirit for business and trade
– Heaven makes your angels available to you
– Angels can network together
– We are a portal to the physical realm from the spirit realm
– Righteousness is a weapon
– Calling your spirit man forth

1) We do things from heaven to earth. Then it has the blessings of God on it because it has already originated from heaven.

2) Our spiritual senses are meant to be practiced. The more we practice them the more they get activated.

3) There’s so much that Father wants to teach us about commerce and trade that’s diametrically opposed to how the world has taught trade and commerce because the spiritual realm is an antithesis to the earth realm and the earth systems.

4) Blueprints were unfolded and hanging on racks and racks. The blueprints met needs, they were inventions, some were different ways of doing things, and they were all unique, not one was the same. They are available for Sons of God seeking the Kingdom.

5) You have to tell your soul to step aside and rest so you can engage with your spirit man so you can press into the Kingdom of God.

Revelations from Lydia:
Lydia is a woman in white from the cloud of witnesses who was assigned to Dr. Ron and Donna as their heavenly business advisor.  They engage with her on a regular basis.

– Angels are assigned to individuals and their enterprise because there are things that are never going to get accomplished if we don’t have a connection in working with the angels for that assignment. (We have an angel assigned to our ministry named Ezekiel. He has commanders and ranks under him.)
– We have to find a link to heavenly places for the expansion of longer and greater expansive times in the realms of heaven, so we can get downloads that heaven has for us.
– We are the portal to the earth to bring down the knowledge, and the blueprints of God. They are going to be constructed and built on the physical plane because righteousness is behind it.
– It’s a spiritual activity to get the blueprint idea, knowledge and or understanding to come to and through you.
– You’re the portal of God in the physical plane to see it manifest in commerce and trade and how to see  the righteousness of God is his perfection. It is the perfection of God that creates a set apartness.
– The world becomes dim in our sight because we are so filled with what heaven is releasing for us to do on the earth. It’s a Matthew 6:33 focus, seeking first the Kingdom of God. We hunger and thirst after the Kingdom of God.
– When we turn our face toward the Kingdom of God and concentrate on it there is nothing lacking because of this burning desire to release that righteousness into commerce, trade and assistance. This is building the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Sometimes you have to take a minute to let your imagination consider what the father’s heart is.

– Heaven has paused me and said for me to open my eyes wider, focus, and look. You press into looking with your spiritual sight with belief and not your natural sight.  ~ Donna Neeper
– The essence of trade is that you’re taking one thing and multiplying it, but it has to be done in righteousness.
– We are in the world and all of its circumstances, yet there is a demand on our spirit man to stay linked to heavenly places.
– Heaven doesn’t have to qualify itself to us.

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